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Do we all showcase love the same way? In these countries, it might be a little different

Love can make us act a little crazy sometimes. In these countries, it's celebrated in unique (but adorable) ways. If you're looking for a taste of culture during this month of hearts, consider embracing these diverse methods—and you may just find that your partner appreciates it. 

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1. Philippines

In the Philippines, February is celebrated through—what else?—but weddings. This ceremony, however, is a little different as it's meant to cater to multiple couples. Though mass gatherings seem to be a thing of the past, February tends to be a bit of an exception as mass weddings (with health protocol and masks in place) still took place around the country in 2020 and 2021. Though weddings in the past were made up of hundreds of couples, the pandemic forced Philippine organisers to reduce that number to just the tens. 

2. Wales

Wales doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day so much as it celebrates St Dwynwen's Day. Held every January 25th, St Dwynwen's Day is the country's most romantic day of the year. It's when couples celebrate their love through gifts, beachside strolls and "lovespoons". Made from carved wood, lovespoons are beautiful utensils often gifted to women by men as a sign of affection.

3. France

La fête de Saint-Valentin is less ostentatious in France as in the United States. However, this romantic holiday is still seen as a celebration for lovers around the country. Unlike in some parts of the world, the French dedicate the holiday to those they are romantically interested in so friends, parents, and siblings often do not celebrate the day together.

As a Frenchman is credited to have sent the first Valentine's greeting on paper, Valentine's cards are still something of a hit with the ladies and gentlemen of France. On this day, gifts and flowers are often accompanied by beautiful greeting cards. 

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4. Ghana

Not only is February 14 Valentine's Day; in Ghana, it's also National Chocolate Day. As the second-largest cocoa exporter in the world, Ghana wanted to boost domestic consumption of their delicious chocolate and decided to place emphasis on it at a time when people are already out buying chocolates for their sweethearts. Catch couples around the country gifting each other mouthwatering Ghanaian chocolate on a date!

5. South Korea

There seems to be a day for everyone in South Korea! On Valentine's Day, women often gift their beaux chocolates and flowers. The favour is returned on March 14th, known as "White Day", when South Korean men gift their ladies with tokens of affection. For those who are single, South Korea also observes "Black Day", when on April 14, singles grant themselves the indulgence of a bowl of black noodles, known as jajangmyeon. 

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6. Estonia

Valentine's Day is so often centred around romantic love that we forget that some of the best forms of love are friendship! In Estonia, people also celebrate Valentine's Day as Friends' Day, so romantic love takes more of a backseat here than they do elsewhere. "Love buses" are also available throughout the country, where single people can hop on to meet and mingle. 

7. Saudi Arabia

For some time, Valentine's Day had been banned in Saudi Arabia after a 2008 fatwa (official religious order) banned shops from selling red objects and merchandise related to the holiday. Restaurants were also pressured not to accept any type of celebratory reservations on February 14. Only in 2019 and 2020 did the holiday begin to become normalised again and once again, people can celebrate by buying roses and gifts or dining out with their beloved. 


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