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Disney+’s Crazy Love is the newest series to grace our screens. We break down why you should put this romance K-drama on your watch list

After Snowdrop, Rookie Cops and Grid, Disney+ is starting March with a new K-drama offering. Crazy Love is the latest office romance that might just be the heart-fluttering watch you need for some comfort.

The quirky rom-com is expected to feature surprising twists, laughter throughout its 16-episode run. Curious to find out more? We break down all the details you need to know about this upcoming K-drama.

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1. A fun-filled story

Crazy Love explores what happens when you decide to take revenge. It follows CEO Noh Go-jin on a mission to track down the person sending him death threats. On the other hand, his secretary Lee Shin-a has recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.

Before she quits, she plans to take revenge on her boss for treating her poorly. But what ensues is an unexpected relationship between the two.

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2. The team-up of Krystal and Kim Jae-wook

After trying his hand at romantic comedy for the first time in My Private Life opposite Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook is once again returning to the genre. Starring opposite him is Krystal Jung, a talented singer, dancer and actress. 

This is the first time that the two will be paired in a drama. Jung has started in romantic projects before but they tend to be melodramas so it will be interesting to see how the chemistry between the two leads are in a rom-com.

Kim will be playing the role of mathematical genius and CEO, Noh Go-jin while Krystal is taking on the role of Lee Shin-a, the introverted and hardworking secretary.

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3. The talented writer and director

Crazy Love will be penned by screenwriter Kim Bo-kyun who has worked on projects like Drama Stage and Everything About My Rival.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hyun will be sitting on the director’s chair. He has worked on similar romantic projects such as Jugglers, After the Rain and My Fellow Citizens.

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4. The unexpected romance

Crazy Love follows two characters who are polar opposites and initially didn’t have positive feelings towards each other. But soon enough, it grows into an unexpected romance between an employee and her boss.

Crazy Love is the latest addition to the popular “office romance” sub-genre and viewers can expect an “opposites attract” type of romance.

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5. The supporting cast members

In addition to its visually striking leads, Crazy Love also boasts talented cast members which includes the likes of Ha-joon who was last seen in High Class, comedy actors Lim Won-hee and Lee Si-un and Astro member, Sanha.

The 16-part series promises to be a fun-filled story complete with twists, turns and touchin romance.

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Crazy Love premieres March 7, exclusively on Disney+

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