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Spoiler alert, these are the cattiest, snarkiest and craziest moments from Bling Empire season 3

Bling Empire season three is finally out and the addictive show has once again captured the attention of fans everywhere with its never-ending drama, lies, betrayals and what have you.

This season certainly had a lot more depth than its previous season with Kevin Kreider grabbing the spotlight as he deals with his career, sobriety and love life.

We see Kreider attempting to pick up the pieces after his traumatic attempt at dating Kim Lee, Christine Chiu battling even more lies and attempts at salvaging her reputation and Kane Lim finally accepting himself for who he is and achieving the success he worked so hard for.  

If you, like us, have binge-watched this season, read on as we highlight all the craziest, shocking and downright ridiculous moments in the season.  

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1. When Andrew Surprises Kelly

When season one of Bling Empire aired last year, one of the main subplots was Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s tumultuous (and possibly abusive) relationship. In season two, peace was restored when Li announced that she had officially separated from Gray for good.

However, in the season two finale, Gray appears at Anna Shay’s home out of the blue carrying a bouquet of flowers. The scene then immediately cuts to the credits. 

As expected, season three picks up where we left off and we find that Gray is promising that he has changed. Surprisingly, Shay actually believes him and decides to surprise Li with him at a party. 

Li is admittedly shocked and hurt especially because Shay was very much present when Gray was angry and abusive towards Li in season one and we certainly don’t blame her.

Thankfully, Gray seems to disappear from the season magically after that. 

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2. Kane and Kevin Become Besties Once Again

At the heart of it, Bling Empire began with the friendship between Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim, so it was certainly heartbreaking to see the two besties drift apart in season two due to gossip and lies. 

One of the best moments of season three, however, was when Kim Lee brings in her reiki healer, Janice, on a trip to conduct a healing session among the friends to help dispel the tension between them.

While there were many tears during the session, the most heartwarming was when Lim and Kreider finally expressed how they were feeling, cried and hugged it out. 

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3. When Christine Walks Out of Skyler’s Birthday Party

Where Bling Empire goes, drama follows and this season was no exception. In this season, we see Mimi Morris throw a glamorous birthday party for her son, Skyler. Days before the party, however, Lim and Morris meet up for a lunch and Christine Chiu bails on them to pick up her son from preschool. 

Now let’s be honest, it was a bit catty of Lim and Morris to begrudge Chiu the joys of spending time with her son (or complain that she has a nanny), so when Chiu shows up at Skyler’s birthday party and is snubbed for her decision, it’s understandable why she blows up. 

Frustrated, Chiu walks out of the home in a huff leaving her husband and son to scramble behind. Of course, ever the protective husband, Gabriel Chiu immediately stands up for his wife to Morris and Lim. He quickly gets angry and rips off his microphones, yelling at the cameramen to get away from him as he carries his son out of the party to join his wife. 

Talk about drama.

4. When Kevin Tries to Date Kim's Reiki Healer

Remember that healing reiki session that Lee initiated? We can’t deny that Kreider and Janice possibly had quite a bit of chemistry. However, considering that Lee had been seeing Janice for her own personal healing for a significant period of time, it was probably quite inappropriate for Kreider to then go ahead and ask Janice out on a date, especially after all the drama both he and Lee went through. 

While the date went well, Lee came out to Kreider to admit that she found the whole situation very uncomfortable and inappropriate. 

Thankfully, Kreider came to his senses and decided to end things with Janice before they could go further and hurt Lee’s feelings even more.

Not going to lie, we thought client and patient confidentiality would make this very inappropriate indeed.

5. When Kevin Crashed His Tesla

We’ll admit that our hearts broke just a little bit after Kreider made such a big deal about buying his very first car only to crash it just moments later. 

In the latest season, Kreider and Lim go to Kreider’s family dealership where Kreider signs for his very first car. He passionately talks about how much it means to him to be able to finally afford his first car after working so hard and going through all the ups and downs of his career. 

Kreider finally decides on a gorgeous white Tesla and drives off with Lim in the passenger seat. However, the next scene cuts to Kreider and Lim at the side of the road while the brand-new Tesla is being carted off. The car was badly mangled in an accident just shortly after they drove off. 

While it was certainly heartbreaking, Lim consoles Kreider by reminding him that he still managed to buy his first car no matter what happened. 

6. When Don Morris Chooses Kevin’s Business Plan Over Kelly’s

Let’s be honest: no one, including Don Morris, expected that Kreider would beat out Li when Morris invited the pair to pitch their non-alcoholic beverages to him to invest in. 

Kreider, who walked in looking like he was going to a club, was clearly no match for Li, who has years of experience being an entrepreneur and who crafted a detailed and innovative pitch for her non-alcoholic wine. 

However, her skills were no match for Kreider in the end, as he won over Morris and his team with the emotional story of his journey to sobriety and how he created his brand, Sans, for recovering alcoholics who want a safe alternative to alcohol.

Looks like a new career path may be in the works for Kreider, who spent a large part of the season complaining about his lack of modelling gigs.

7. When Christine Surprised Kevin With His Ex-Girlfriend

Okay, who else started swooning when Kreider walked into the room in Paris and found that Chiu had somehow managed to track down his ex-girlfriend of seven years for him?

It was an emotional moment as Kreider reunited with his ex, Devon Diep, whom he calls the love of his life that he lost over his past struggles with alcoholism. 

“I think it was Devon the whole time, and I was just looking for Devon in other people,” he said. “I just want to see her again.”

Since their reunification, Kreider and Diep have reportedly moved in together and are still going strong. Recently, Kreider also announced Diep as the first spokesperson of his non-alcoholic beverage, Sans. 


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