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If you haven’t seen the season two finale of the Netflix show yet, this is your warning that spoilers abound

When season one of Bling Empire aired last year, one of the main subplots was Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s tumultuous (and possibly abusive) relationship. In season two, peace was restored when Li announced that she had officially separated from Gray for good.

However, if you finished watching the season finale, you would know that in a surprise twist, Gray appears at Anna Shay’s home out of the blue carrying a bouquet of flowers. 

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Now, we have no idea what that was about because the scene immediately cuts to the credits leaving us with quite possibly the biggest cliffhanger yet. However, we do know that there are tons of questions circulating about Gray, his motives and if he will possibly be in a future season of Bling Empire. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Gray and that shocking finale.

1. He is an actor, writer and producer

Gray is an actor, writer, producer, and a model. He began his modelling career in 2005, after which he worked with fashion brands such as Dior and Hollister and featured in magazines like Vanity Fair.

When he had established himself, he moved into film and television and in 2013, landed the part of Troy Burrows, also known as the Red Megaforce Ranger, in Power Rangers Megaforce.

He has since starred in productions such as Spilt Milk, Shadow Wolves, Legendary Battle and more. He also has his own clothing line called AMG Clothing.

2. He is worth about US$2 million

Of course, at the end of the day, Bling Empire is a show about the ultra-rich and while Gray is not extremely wealthy like Mimi Morris, who is worth US$800 million, he still does have significant wealth. 

Gray is actually worth about US$2 million thanks to his acting career and various other ventures.

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3. He was with Li for five years

Many of us can probably relate to Li when she told her therapist in season two that besides grieving the relationship, she also had to grieve the time she lost to Gray. It truly was a lot of time: the pair were together for five years after they met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.

Following Bling Empire’s season one wrap, Li mentioned in interviews that they both spent about five months apart with each of them getting therapy and giving each other space (the show was filmed between 2018 and 2019).

In March 2021 though, Li announced in an Instagram post that both she and Gray had made the “difficult decision” to officially separate. 

“I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for him and will always cherish the memories we made,” Li wrote in the post which has since been deleted.

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4. Gray has said that most of the drama was staged

Watching Gray and Li interact in season one was certainly unpleasant. From the abusive way he treated her to the desperation with which Li wanted to make things work, it was very obvious that this was not a good situation. 

However, Gray has maintained that a lot of the drama on-screen was edited to highlight the absolute worst parts of their relationship. 

“To set the record straight, what was captured in the show doesn’t reflect our relationship at all,” he said in an interview. “I don’t believe the audience—and this is my opinion, Kelly’s gonna say her piece—really saw anything other than the absolute worst part of a time, a short time, that was put on camera.”

He added that the filming was a set-up, a trigger and a manipulation.

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5. Li probably had a hand in his reappearance

Right now, the Internet is abuzz with rumours that the show’s producers brought Gray back without Li’s knowledge and that they did so to hook viewers for a possible future season. 

However, it’s important to remember that Li is actually listed as one of the show’s executive producers. This means that she likely knew that Gray would be reappearing and that she signed off on that decision. 

This of course is rather shocking especially considering how much time Li invested in season two healing and regaining her confidence and self-esteem.


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