Cover Photo: Fort Sanctuary and Laichan

The local tea company and famed cheongsam brand came together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the launch of Rhapsody—an event that showcased fine teas and avant-garde qipaos as the cultural hallmarks of the tradition

Other than the quintessential mooncakes, what describes the mid-autumn festival better than teas and qipaos?

Last month, two Singapore brands in both the finest speciality teas and fashion came together to introduce some of the world's finest teas that are made in Singapore with the concept of fashion design in mind.

The unveiling of Rhapsody featured an old world glamour with its fashion show of avant-garde qipaos of a lost era and an appreciation of the finest teas in a taste-testing for attendees.

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"It was an amazing experience to work with [two brands] in Singapore that are so knowledgeable and professional in their respective fields," says Tonya Tan, business development advisor for Fort Sanctuary.

Historically, the act of tea drinking has fuelled many creative works and tea has been the vessel that captivated the imagination of poets, nobles, and emperors, thus serving as a source of inspiration for various famous works and forms of art.

For the mid-autumn festival this year, local fashion brand Laichan planned to inspire new ideas in designing and crafting the world's finest teas in Singapore. The Fort Sanctuary-Laichan partnership–which has spawned the Rhapsody event—encapsulates the philosophies of the two brands and pays homage to Singaporean creative works across different fields.

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The audience was presented with fresh perspectives in crossing-cutting boundaries with regard to tea processing while actively drawing inspiration from avant-garde fashion design in the traditional qipao.

Fort Sanctuary presented a new range of creative teas that were bound to pique anybody's curiosity and taste buds. The teas were retailed exclusively during this event and packed in limited-edition packaging designed by Laichan. It combines eco-friendly and sustainable materials whilst not compromising on glamour and class in the design of the packaging, truly making it a gift of love for family and friends.

These teas include the Red Rhapsody 7-Year Aged—which comprises rare authentic wuyi rock-essence tea leaves that were fired and aged for seven years in Singapore—and the Red Rhapsody Classic 763, a wuyi rock classic that features elite traditional tea processing craft from withering and oxidising to slow subtle firing.

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In talking about the effect of qipao fashion design on the tea-making process, Tan says: "We always hear people say qipao is a dress that makes Chinese women look beautiful and this time I am so fortunate to see some myself when working with Laichan on creating cheongsams and the holy grail of tea with Daphne and Kiat Boon."


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