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Add pizzazz to celebrations this year with our picks of the best festive accessories

A time that calls for celebrations with friends and family, Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 21 September this year. For those doing last-minute prep for get-togethers at home, take your pick of our favourite accessories. There's something for everyone, from candles with glorious scents to beautiful lacquer trays to enjoy your mooncakes on.

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1. Arrange Your Flowers—Two Ways

Not all flower arrangements were created equal. A Chinese-style presentation typically takes a more minimalist route, compared to the fuller look of a western-style bouquet. This vase will allow for versatility, whichever style you go with this Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Part of a limited edition collection between chinoiserie homeware and fashion label Shanghai Tang with Chinese crafts and home decor brand Mooyee, the vase features two openings. One side has a narrow mouth, and when flipped upside down, there’s a wide mouth—a smart design that accommodates different styles of botanical arrangements. 

The patterns on the vase pay homage to Qing dynasty imperial gardens, complete with a seal design inspired by what was used by the 1700s emperor Qianlong. The story goes that Qianlong would, quite literally, stamp his imperial seal of approval on art he enjoyed. 

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2. Light A Candle For A Calm Ambience

Candle-lighting on empty mooncake boxes was once a popular Mid-Autumn Festival activity for children many moons ago, especially in Hong Kong, before its safety risks were deemed too great.

For an elegant—and much safer—way to experience this rite of passage, look to a selection of scented candles by home and cosmetics brand Rituals. Its new Classic Home Collections offers candles in four scents, including The Ritual of Jing, which is made with jujube and sacred lotus. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, jujube seeds are believed to help with stress reduction, while lotus flowers symbolise spiritual growth and purity in East Asian cultures. 

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3. Get A Luxe Version of a Traditional Lantern

For children throughout East Asia, no Mid-Autumn celebration is complete without a paper lantern or two. In fact, the day is sometimes known as Lantern Festival. While it served a practical purpose as a lighting tool in previous times, the tradition—which has origins in the Tang dynasty (610-907)—is also said to symbolise good fortune and fertility. 

Upgrade your festive lantern this season with a grown-up version: the stylish Hortus lantern by Indigo Living, which comes in several sizes, makes for the perfect addition to outdoor get-togethers. Made with glass and stainless steel, it has a water-resistant finish.

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4. Polish off Mooncakes from Gorgeous Tableware

Mooncakes are a signature component of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether you have a preference for traditional flavours or snow skin versions, mooncakes are delightful treats that hold cultural significance.

Set the stage for your mooncakes with chic dessert plates. Singapore design brand Supermama has recently collaborated with Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut to launch a pair of colourful dishes. Featuring vibrant Peranakan tiles with peony floral motifs, the Mamezara—which translates to small plate in Japanese—dishes are made in Japan by artisanal craftsmen.

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5. Serve Guests with a Chic Tea Set

Pairing your mooncakes with tea is a classic tradition for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Besides elevating certain mooncake flavours when paired appropriately, tea can also help to balance out the richness of the delicacy by cleansing your palates. 

Brew your tea of choice in a stylish teapot and serve the tea with matching tea accessories. Hermès’ new Hippomobile line will dress your tables with a dose of playfulness. The stunning tea set from the French luxury house features colourful and whimsical designs created by Italian artist and designer Gianpaolo Pagni. Lively and vibrant, the abstract designs on each dishware encourages you to mix and match across pieces.

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6. Dress Your Tables with Vibrant Trays and Keepsakes

Create a beautiful tablescape this Mid-Autumn Festival with a gorgeous tea tray that can hold light refreshments and bites. Fashion and homeware label Forbidden Hill has created a striking two-tone lacquer tray in tangerine orange and black, with gleaming silver accents. Drawing inspiration from traditional silk Vietnamese lanterns, the glossy tray is crafted from Vietnamese lacquer that’s made from natural and sustainable rice husk fibre. The delicate motifs featured on the tray add a multicultural twist and deliver a sense of the Vietnamese cultural heritage into your home.

The tea tray is part of Forbidden Hill’s Autumn Lantern collection, which also comprises of a keepsake box as well as a vanity tray and a ring box for your beloved jewellery. The collection makes for a great gift idea for loved ones, too.

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7. Get Comfortable on Stylish Seats

Appreciating the moon is one of the many traditions as part of the celebrations. After dusk, celebrations typically go into full swing with moon-viewing parties, where one gathers loved ones to sit by the soft glow of lanterns whilst sipping tea and tucking into mooncakes.

Get cosy on your outdoor terrace with Scene Shang’s Teng dining set. Crafted by skilled artisans using sustainable materials, the handwoven seatings rest on elegant metal frames that are inspired by Oriental arch gates. The synthetic woven fibres on both the dining table and four chairs are hard-wearing, UV-treated and waterproof, making the set-up perfect for both outdoors and indoors.

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