Cover The premiere performance of "Triptych" at Tatler Ball (Photo: Anna Koustas)

Join us as we relive the best moments from the Tatler Ball, held last night at Hong Kong's brand new M+ museum.

1. A Night at the Museum

Held for the first time outside of a hotel ballroom, the 2021 Tatler Ball was staged at Hong Kong's breathtaking M+ museum, and sponsored by HSBC Global Private Banking, Chopard and Hennessy. 

The museum's main hall was transformed for the event with coloured lighting, which changed throughout the night from peacock blues to ethereal greens, the night ending with the space bathed in vibrant burnt orange. 

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2. Celebrating Asia's Most Influential

With guests including industry titans such as Adrian Cheng and Peter Woo, creative giants including actor Donnie Yen and museum director Suhanya Raffel and pioneers who are shaping the future of the region––this year's Tatler Ball attendees were made up of over 200 of the city’s most lauded and buzz-worthy faces of this generation, Asia's Most Influential.

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3. Making an Entrance

A grand venue deserves a grand entrance, and this year's dress code meant guests treated us to just that, putting their own spin on Creative Glamour.  

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4. An Impact Driven Menu

The Tatler Ball 2021’s menu celebrated Hong Kong culture, authenticity and flavours with creativity and flair, designed by The Arcane Collective's Shane Osborn and Michael Smith. In a true display of collaboration & responsible sourcing, the duo––in collaboration with The Grand Hyatt's Soran Lascelles––designed and served dishes that included local sourced tomatoes, strawberries and corn and sustainably farmed ora king salmon and black truffles. 

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5. An Ethereal Cocktail

Jay Khan and the COA team brought their creativity to the Tatler Ball, serving up a bespoke cocktail at the Hennessy Bar. 

Ethereal, which was developed by Khan and the team especially for the 2021 Tatler Ball, combined the power of Hennessy X.O with the influence of lime and the enduring style of sandalwood to create a cocktail that is as delicate as it is stylish.

6. Unforgettable Performances

No soiree is complete without world-class performances, and thanks to Gen.T honouree, multi-instrumentalist Olivia Dawn, and pianist-composer Daniel Chu, our guests enjoyed just that. Dawn opened the evening with a solo performance, and was later joined on stage for a set by Daniel. 

Guests were also treated to the premier preview of “Triptych”––a cinematic journey in three parts––commissioned by Tatler, shot by Leung Ming-kai, and featuring performances by the Hong Kong Ballet, the Hong Kong Philharmonic and many more of the city's world-class performers. The performance took place both on screen, and amongst guests, with live dance performances and dancers adorned in jewellery from Chopard.  

7. Strike a Pose

After dinner was enjoyed and speeches were made, it was time for guests to get creative in our photo booth, while a DJ set from Hong Kong legend Daryll Griggs ended the night on a high. Feiping Chan, Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang and showed us how it was done with their Insta-ready shots. 


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