Cover Colleen Yu Fung, Daisy Ho, Emily Lam-Ho and Lillian Lee Fong on December 19

On December 19, the Hong Kong Ballet (HKB) held its annual benefit alongside a performance of the classic Christmas production, The Nutcracker.

Who? The matinee show saw Tatler mainstays Peter Cheung, Gillian Ho, Christy Liang and Eleanor Lam come out to support the event.

Where? The benefit was held for the first time at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre’s Grand Theatre

When? December 19, 2021

Here's what you missed:

Hosted by the Ballet’s co-chairs Lillian Lee Fong, Colleen Yu Fung and Emily Lam-Ho, 360 guests, including Linda Fung, Maya Lin, Veronica Chou and Deirdre Fu-Tcheng, attended the world premiere of artistic director Septime Webre’s new and original take on The Nutcracker. Under Webre’s direction, the Tchaikovsky-soundtracked classic is re-envisioned as an ode to Hong Kong, and on the night featured 44 of the organising committee members’ children, aged from two to 13.

Daisy Ho, chairman of the HKB board of governors addressed the audience, and recalled her own long relationship with ballet: “Take a look at this majestic set: don’t you feel like we’ve travelled back to 20th-century Hong Kong?” she said.

“I can still remember when I performed ballet at City Hall when I was five. It was a humbler setting but the memories still stay with me. I hope you hold on to these memories like I did. The Nutcracker children’s performance is a unique, once in a lifetime experience, and one that I hope will inspire our children to carry on with ballet training and ultimately become professional dancers,” Ho continued, adding: “I hope that you will eventually nurture a life-long love and appreciation of the performing arts, with the habit of giving and making an impact,” she said, before thanking Webre and the production teams for their effort putting together the show.

Afterwards, a live and silent auction and “make a pledge” campaign raised money for HKB’s Accessibility Fund, Dancers’ Sponsorship Fund and Student Ticket Fund, as well as for new online and community outreach projects. In all, 300 performers, 240 sparkling, handmade costumes and five different scenes kept the audience on the edge of their seats for a true celebration of Hong Kong’s heritage, sprinkling a little magic over the festive season ahead.

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