Emily Lam-Ho

Eco-warrior Emily Lam-Ho, founder of Empact28, focuses on funding female entrepreneurs and making the world more sustainable

Emily Lam-Ho is the founder and CEO of investment platform Empact28, which funds female-led start-ups, and is also the founder of sustainability platform 8Shades and a co-founder of EcoDrive. The daughter of property, entertainment and apparel tycoon Peter Lam and actor turned artist Lynn Hsieh, Lam-Ho turned down a role at her father’s companies to start her career at investment bank CLSA before striking out on her own.

Since it was founded in 2018 Empact28 has invested in companies including Yellow Leaf Hammocks, which traiSo enthusiastic is Emily Lam-Ho about picking up plastic waste, she told Tatler in 2021, that when her son’s teacher asked him what his parents did, he replied, “My mom picks up trash for a living.”ns impoverished women in Thailand to weave hammocks from sustainable materials; and Mogul, which connects women to articles, jobs and products that reflect their interests. Lam-Ho co-founded EcoDrive, also in 2018, to fight plastic pollution; in 2021 she set up 8Shades, which aims to demystify sustainable living.

She is also the director of business development at media company Sing Tao, and a council member of the Hong Kong Women’s Commission.

Emily Lam-Ho is married to venture capitalist Kent Ho, son of Sing Tao chairman Charles; they have two children.

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