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Veronica Chou

With Everybody & Everyone, CEO and founder Veronica Chou aims to make fashion both inclusive and sustainable


Veronica Chou is the type of person who wants things to move fast. She’s a strong proponent of convenience, especially as a CEO and mother, but hopes that one day our desire for efficiency “doesn’t need to hurt the planet”. And thus her mission is to tackle the climate crisis starting with what she knows best—clothes.

Fashion is in her blood. She grew up learning about the business from her father, Silas Chou, but witnessed how polluting apparel production can be. That, combined with the strict body ideals implanted by the industry prompted her curiosity about an alternative, resulted in her founding her eco-innovative and size-inclusive womenswear brand Everybody & Everyone in 2019.

Today, Chou values knowledge above all else. “I strongly believe in innovation and technology. When it came to approaching sustainability, I did my research,” she says, and explains that her company’s circular method to ensure greener production is regenerative agriculture. “It’s important that we share information that enables people to learn.”

This method restores soil health by relying on rotational cropping and natural animal fertiliser so that it retains more water and carbon dioxide. Overall, it’s better for both farmers and the environment, so Chou invests in these types of projects for long-term change. As president of Novel Fashion Investments, that work has extended to the Karl Lagerfeld brand, with whom she recently developed a soft and pliable cactus leather for bags, one of which she wore to the studio for her photoshoot with us.

Chou is currently cooking up something special for Everybody & Everyone, and despite sounding excited, that’s all she shares. “I can’t say anything about it yet, other than it’s an extension of the brand, but it’s taking some time.” Ultimately, she is intrigued by the potential of material science, and hopes the products she creates will make life for people easier, “so more people can choose sustainability.”

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