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Small Laude is taking over the YouTube landscape with her entertaining home vlogs! Here are some of her most memorable moments

Following the announcement of her new TV show, It's A Small World, socialite, entrepreneur and certified tita of Manila, Small Laude, has become more of a sensation than ever before. Her larger-than-life personality and irrepressible zest for life have turned her into a relatable host that people aspire to be or know. A glimpse into her popular YouTube channel reveals other facets of her personality that are just as spellbinding. Here are some of our favourite moments from her online diary that has kept us coming back for more. 

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Small tends to her garden

The word plantita has captured the zeitgeist of 2020. Even Small Laude has become—or tried to become—one in a vlog posted just last year. In it, she and her housekeeper attempt to garden on their beautiful glass balcony. They planted cabbage, eggplant, and tomatoes alongside potted herbs and new seedlings. 

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Small's 2020 New Year's party in LA

Small Laude knows how to celebrate in style. To welcome in the New Year in 2020, she and her family flew to LA to celebrate the holidays in a beautiful estate, complete with a grand staircase. Along with her children, she prepared for the new year with the Barrettos by shopping at one of her favourite malls in the city, Westfield Century City. Together, they went to Party City and bought sparkling gold decorations for the upcoming media noche and celebration. 

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Small parodies her sister, Alice Eduardo

Alice Eduardo is well-known as a prominent Tatler friend and businesswoman. She also happens to be Small Laude's older sister! In one of her most recent vlogs, Small parodies her sister by pretending to be her for 24 hours. "Look at us!" she exclaims in the beginning. "Alice na Alice na ba ako? (Am I like Alice?)" 

Small, or rather "Alice", starts the day off with a cup of coffee before stepping into her walk-in closet and bathroom for her morning routine. She goes on to get her hair done and picks her outfit before heading to her home office for a day of meetings and updates. The entire video is a hilarious parody of her older sister and even includes a few minutes in front of a green screen, pretending to go on oculars. A must-watch for all Small Laude fans. 

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Small goes grocery shopping with her staff

Small Laude and Alice Eduardo's lovable staff are put front and centre on a vlog that takes them on a trip to the grocery. The sisters treated them to a "grocery all you want", where they were allowed to fill their carts with all the items they may need or want for a span of ten minutes. Excited staff members were able to pick out some of their most important necessities, including milk for their mothers and children, and chocolate for their loved ones. "You deserve it!" Eduardo said after one of their staff members thanked them. 

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Small shows off her favourite bags

It's no secret that Small Laude loves to dress up. In a ten-minute vlog, she details some of her most trusty bags, starting off with a Himalayan Birkin. Most of her most beloved pieces also happen to be Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags in different textures and colours. These include an orange crocodile Birkin, a customised LA Lakers Birkin (in yellow and purple), and a sakura pink Kelly bag . . . no big deal!

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Small goes with her parents to get vaccinated

In this climate, nothing is as important as getting vaccinated, and Small Laude's parents agree. As seniors, they were among the earliest priority groups to be allowed shots. After getting inoculated, Small and her family went home for a delightful afternoon lunch by the pool. All in all, it seemed like a relaxing day spent bonding with family. 

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Small heads to La Union with her family

Along with friend, actress Nicole Ortega, Small Laude and her family headed to La Union for a quick beach getaway. Both families first headed to a riverside seafood restaurant for fresh fish and fare, before heading to the pool for an afternoon dip. Small and her family also explored the La Union nightlife at a variety of restaurants including Flotsam and Jetsam. 


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