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Are you running low on food essentials and supplies? We've got you covered–read this to find out which grocery stores deliver everything you need right to your doorstep

Sure, there is nothing like going to physical stores and experiencing the whole tactile and visual experience that comes along with shopping. But in an effort to stay safe or if you are simply feeling lazy, check out these supermarkets that deliver all your pantry and kithchen needs. 

Here are online groceries that can provide you with all your kitchen cravings: 

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1. The Green Grocer

Since 2011, The Green Grocer is a home delivery service that brings you organic produce. You can expect grass-fed and all-natural meats, the freshest dairy products, and a range of other wonderful grocery necessities.

2. Real Food

Located in Alabang, BGC and Rockwell, Real Food is your local go-to for nutritious, whole-foods. Find organic alternatives, whole grains, healthy treats, and back to basic beauties. From frozen food, meats, fish, fresh fruits or veggies, to chips, sauces, desserts, gluten-free choices and more, you will be at no shortage of things to try out. Real Food partners with local farms who deliver produce fresh, daily. 

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3. Frozen MNL

Stock your fridge with all that you crave for with Frozen MNL and make sure that there is always something ready to cook. This project was launched during the pandemic, on the fourth day of our first-ever lockdown to be exact. "It was eight in the morning and it took us 10 minutes to ideate, an hour to put a plan together and pool our resources, and a few hours to launch the entire digital service - online store, social media presence, initial SKUs, cold storage facilities, logistics, etc..Our first sale came in at 2 pm!" shares the team. 

4. Go Robinson's

With Go Robinson's you can shop for all major groceries at Marketplace, Robinson's Supermarket, and No Brand for your Korean favourites, plus ShopWise, True Value and more! 

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5. COOP Fresh

This is a proudly Filipino company. It is website that answers all your grocery and drug store needs - essential for the times we live in today when doing errands are more cumbersome than usual. Through the site, customers can browse through fruits, vegetables, prime cut meats, seafood, and poultry. They also have pantry items like pasta, bottled sauces and drinks, cheese, eggs, nuts and seeds, to name a few. It does not end there - they also have COOP Pharma where you can find prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

They recently launched their first brick-and-mortar shop in BGC, where shoppers can view their COOP branded products in real life. 

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6. Pik-A-Roo

Pikaroo, owned by Kevin Tan and the Alliance Global group has made quite the entrance. Its extremely easy to use interface has captured the hearts of many, garnering a loyal fanbase. Order cooked meals from your favourite restaurants, groceries from top supermarkets (even members-only spots like S&R), shop for household needs, and so much more! You can consolidate orders from different outlets and pick one delivery time. It is really, that easy. 

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7. Landers

Exclusive members can easily log in through Landers' website and virtually fill their carts with essentials. You may place bulk orders and stock up on imported goods. 

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8. Metromart

A reliable online grocery store, Metromart assures customers that they can still provide service to areas within Luzon. They actually carry multiple brands from S&R Membership Shopping, Rustan's Marketplace, Watsons, Shopewise, Robinsons Supermarket, and even Pet Express.

9. Fresh Produce PH

If you're looking where to get good produce, Fresh Produce PH ensures that the fruits and vegetables they deliver are of top quality. Browse through their handpicked selections and remember to keep eating healthy!

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10. Healthy Options

For organic whole-foods look no further. Make your way to Healthy Options and stock up on your favourite goodies. From produce to speciality jams, spreads, chocolates, spices, chips and even self-care, they have what you are looking for. 

11. Lazmart

Even though Lazada has officially suspended it's logistics, Lazmart is still operating as usual. And to further secure their deliverymen's safety, aside from imposing health safety measures, Lazmart also prohibits cash on delivery payments to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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12. Bacchus Epicerie

At Bacchus Epicerie, run by Tastemaker Alex Lichaytoo, you will find the finest goods. From exquisite wines, rich cheeses, to cured meats, pasta, foie gras, olive oils, chocolates, to kitchenware like pizza ovens and premium pots or pans. 

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13. Echostore

Bringing customers organic produce by local farmers as well as prepared foods is Echostore. There, you can shop a wide range of items, from ready-made pasta sauces, broths, gourmet sardines, and a whole lot more. They also carry a variety of vegetarian snacks that most stores doesn't!

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