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Crash Landing On You, Itaewon Class, Move to Heaven... have you been keeping up with all the latest Korean dramas that are taking the world by storm? Here are a few Tatler friends who have shared the latest shows on their binge-watch list:

Do you stay up at night to finish your latest K Drama series? Always on the lookout for the next releases on Netflix, Viu, or Viki? Well, you're definitely not alone. We ask several Tatler friends to share with us some of the shows on their playlist and why they love them.

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1. Mons Romulo

Philippine Star Columnist, Founder of Katutubo PH, Board Member of the Child Protection Network and Pink for Life Foundation

At the top on my list among all the K Dramas I have watched are Vincenzo, Move to Heaven, Start Up, Taxi Driver, Crash Landing On You, [and] Descendants of the Sun to name a few. These are my favourites because the stories are fast paced and have valuable lessons about life. I really enjoyed and survived the last two quarantines because of Korean dramas. 

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Since I have much less time to indulge in K Dramas, I am now into Korean movies which are so beautifully done. My favourites are Golden Slumber, Illang The Wolf Brigade, A Moment To Remember, Seobok and My Brilliant Life. There is something about Korean dramas and movies that make them stand out. [They are] well written and directed. You can also see the passion of Korean actors in their craft; they really prepare well for their roles.

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There is something about Korean dramas and movies that make them stand out ... You can also see the passion of Korean actors in their craft
Mons Romulo

2. Small Laude

Vlogger, entrepreneur, and socialite


Crash Landing On You and currently, Vincenzo.

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3. Monique Toda

Hotelier and Lifestyle Columnist, Philippine Star

I have so many favourite K Dramas that I really can’t name one.

What got me into this genre is Goblin—I loved its theme of life, death and eternal love. There is also Mr Sunshine which gives one a glimpse of Korean history.

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For swoon-worthy love stories, a couple of my faves are Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Love From a Star, 100 Days My Prince, Legend of the Blue Sea, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Something in the Rain, among others. I also like the Reply drama series. My Mister is an excellent drama because it speaks about the power of kindness. I watch many. Currently, I am watching Mine, Love Marriage and Divorce, and Doom Be With You (Doom at Your Service).

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4. Jojie Dingcong

Entrepreneur and much-adored talent manager to numerous celebrities

The beauty of Korean soaps, especially period materials, are the awesome production design and all the beautiful details ... A total visual feast that is so tactile you can almost feel it coming through the screen
Jojie Dingcong

My very first foray into K Dramas is with the period epic Moon Embracing the Sun, starring heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun. Oh boy, how I got hooked with this juvenile prince. This one is so much fun to watch. With imperial Korea as a backdrop, it's your classic "prince and the pauper-", "Cinderella-" type of escapist soap opera.  

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The beauty of Korean soaps, especially period materials, are the awesome production design and all the beautiful details of the sets, costumes, hair fashion, landscapes, and just about everything. A total visual feast that is so tactile you can almost feel it coming through the screen; this is my wonderful intro to the K world.

Then Crash Landing On You happened and I met my ultimate favourite oppa, Hyun Bin and his lady love Son Ye-Jin. Of course, this "North vs South" love story seems incredulous and absurd. However, K Drama writers have mastered the art so well and there was truly a "suspension of disbelief" with this one. We gobbled it like crazy and proof of the pudding? It is a worldwide mega-hit!

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After watching Hyun Bin, I had a long 'hangover' and did a marathon of his running Netflix shows—from thrillers like Hyde, Jekyll, Me to the suspenseful and heart-wrenching Memories of Alhambra. This last one I cried buckets, hush, please!

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My friends seemed to have moved on from the "oppa Bin" phase. As for me, I think I am happily stuck and just content. Check out his latest [film], Confidential Assignment on Netflix. K Dramas [are] really my guilty pleasure.

5. Duday Tuason

Housewife and mother of three

We have so many friends who kept trying to convince us to watch but we never did until COVID-19 [happened] and [we saw] Crash Landing On You—and the rest is history!

Crash Landing On You is the ultimate! I wouldn't mind watching it again. We just finished VIP the other night. I also liked Descendants of the Sun, Vincenzo, Oh My Venus, Birth of a Beauty, Clean with Passion for Now, She Was Pretty, [and] Black Knight to name a few.

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6. Tina Cuevas

Executive Director, Owner of the Sulo Hotel Riviera in Quezon City

My flavour of the month is Doctor Stranger. I watched all of [Lee Jong-suk]'s dramas but am [re]watching Romance is a Bonus Book. We are watching also Love, Marriage, and Divorce.

I’m [also] watching Penthouse Season 3—So much intrigue! My favourites are My Love From The Star, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Crash landing On You, and Something in the Rain is so kilig

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7. Fe Rodriguez

Entrepreneur, Founder of Burger Machine and art collector

What I’m watching now are Mine as well as Love, Marriage, and Divorce. My favourite dramas would be My Mister and Reply 1988. Since I’m easy prey for cheesy romantic dramas I enjoyed What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Legend of the Blue Sea. Up there for me is also Start Up and [an] exciting one was World of the Married.

8. Ivy Almario

Interior Designer; Founding Partner, Atelier Almario

Like everybody else, watching Crash Landing On You was the portal I crossed to land fully in the K Drama space. Lately, I finished It’s Okay, That’s Love and That Winter, The Wind Blows.

I watched each drama in this order after I discovered that I enjoyed watching the actor Jo In-Sung become the character he plays. True confession? I never used to watch television until these quarantine months when I jumped in and joined the K Drama bandwagon on Netflix.

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