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Let go of things hampering your growth this month as we begin to wind down for the new year ahead. Find out what November has in store for you with Tatler’s monthly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

In ancient Celtic tradition, the “cross-quarter” days in the autumn—or midpoints of the season—are marked with fire ceremonies. What needs to be burned away comes forward for purging as we begin to wind down another year. Items or issues swept under the rug earlier must now be dealt with. Either psychologically or in your physical space, it is time to clear dead wood and make room for new growth.

The Sun, Mars, and a very fast-moving Mercury will spend a part of this month together in Scorpio, amplifying the need to dig deep. The New Moon in this sign on November 5, opposite to Uranus, may precipitate unusual situations that strengthen our bonds and connections. We may be pulled to seek more intimate involvement with others. The cycle culminates on November 19 in the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, when we can gain a new appreciation for our own values and inner strength. This whipsawing between independence and inter-dependence is a preview of 2022 when it becomes a more major theme.

Venus makes a sizzling contact with Mars all month indicating good times for social interaction. We can be bolder and more direct in our exchanges. Budding attractions—to people, things, resources—can potentially develop into full-blown infatuation as Venus and Pluto prepare to merge their energies by the tail end of November.

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The first few days of the month carry excellent prospects for love and the strengthening of commitments. Listen to your intuition and set your ego aside when it may be necessary. Sexual timing and wordy exchanges, however, are tricky territory at the moment and must be navigated with skill. In the meantime, any lingering health issues should ease by the end of November. Give your existing regimens some more time before switching to something new.  


The desire for a strong marriage or committed partnership rises to the forefront, especially after first Venus and then asteroid Juno enter fellow Earth sign Capricorn. This is a time to take concrete steps, whether it is signing up for a matchmaker, having more heart-to-heart talks, or seeing a therapist. November’s lunar cycle is about the push-pull dynamic between the urge to merge and maintaining one’s self-sufficiency. The Full Moon eclipse in your sign on November 19 will put the spotlight on what you do best—having a strong set of values and finding resources within yourself.


Brace yourself for a series of tests from the Universe, where the lessons are in rising above conflict and setting aside ego. More than any sign, you are likely to have trouble getting your way and attracting appreciation. It would benefit you to take some extra beats and consider carefully other viewpoints before shooting anyone down. And sometimes it really is best to agree to disagree. The saving grace this month could be your sense of humour and silver tongue. Work those to your advantage and there is every possibility of making delicious lemonade from November’s lemons.


The energies at work have straightened out and you should now be able to accomplish much more than in months past. The same goals can be attained with far less obstruction from others, so take full advantage by raising the bar or setting higher targets. Toward the latter part of the month, an auspicious portal opens up with Venus, Mars, and Neptune, infusing magic and artistry into whatever line of work you are in. Be prepared for some lucky breaks, large or small. In matters of the heart, long-festering issues can finally see the light of day. Tackle them head-on. 


As with Gemini, the coming days are likely to put your self-awareness to the test. A colleague or business partner may seem competitive or challenging. Instead of trying to take you down, they are more likely just trying to keep up. Mercury’s path indicates you can get your point across more clearly in the first and last weeks of the month so—unless you are looking for lots of constructive criticism—use those periods to introduce new plans or ideas. Plot a romantic date with your partner in the first week of November to deepen your bond.

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Energy levels are high at the moment, with Mars offering support to your work and projects. Minor snags can be easily resolved with just a little bit of creative, outside-the-box thinking. Efforts at self-improvement—whether it is with your sleep, diet, exercise, etc.—are more likely to stick during the first week of the month. After that, cosmic energies are highly supportive of working on your intimate relationship, either in manifesting one or in improving an existing love. Speaking or writing from the heart becomes easier around the Taurus lunar eclipse mid-month.


Mercury, the Messenger planet, has been in your sign since August and will finally move out in the first week of November. Schedule any speaking events or writing projects for the beginning or end of the month while energies are in harmonious alignment. Also in the first half, any work you put into your marriage will be better received. The second part of the month is best dedicated to self-improvement. Situations may arise to indicate it is finally time to take up meditation or to switch to a plant-based diet.  


A New Moon in your Sun sign connects collective underlying emotional currents to your external expressions as an individual. The November 5 New Moon can bring you a feeling of wholeness and resonance with other souls in this world. Meanwhile, the presence of Mars, the action planet, in Scorpio is supportive of your confidence and sense of personal effectiveness. Your appetite for unemotional, carnal connection can also be heightened at this time. After the first week, emotional and intellectual bonding becomes more important. Both at work and at play, whether in conquering your task list or a bedmate, you are on fire.


In Western mythology, Juno was long-suffering wife of Jupiter (known to the Greeks as Zeus). The asteroid that bears her name and which denotes the marriage commitment is spending its last weeks in your sign, so take the chance to give your committed relationship – or your hope for one – extra care and attention. The first week of the month is a great time for romance, while the first and last weeks are best for finding the right words for open-hearted conversation. With work and projects, frictions with colleagues are possible. If you feel undermined, check with others before jumping to conclusions.


There is support and protection for your goals and efforts right now. Creative solutions can materialize out of the ether to get you out of tough spots. Make any shifts with regard to your routines, diet, or health as soon as possible to ensure more success. It may turn out that your discipline and commitment on this front may boost your social confidence as the month progresses. In the latter part of the month, putting effort into finding or enhancing an intimate relationship will be more worth your while. 


First comes love, then comes marriage, at least when it comes to the celestial bodies Venus and Juno transiting into Capricorn together. The first week of this month is an opening for meeting a special someone, especially while your charm and banter are supported by Venus and Mercury. For those who are coupled, use the New Moon energies in the first half of the month to bring more intimacy and closeness into your relationship. Work and projects could run into some challenges. It may be that your work flow and processes just need some smoothing out. Fine tune after a taking a couple weeks to investigate the causes.


Productive energies open up for you. After a few months of hitting roadblocks, now is the time when projects and efforts can move forward with more ease. To-do lists can get easier to check off. At the start of November, take advantage of Vesta’s last few days in Scorpio to improve your health and routines. As the month gets underway it will be worth your while to work on strengthening a relationship. Put off any consequential love or money decisions until after mid-month.

About Our Astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She offers the standard caveat that the most relevant astrological interpretations are based on birth charts.  De Rui is a member of the British Astrological Association and the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a graduate of Harvard College.  


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