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Learn how to communicate better, understand others and build a healthier relationship with the help of these mental health Instagram accounts founded by registered therapists

To celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10, we’re spotlighting articles and resources that can help you or someone you know improve their mental health. 

There’s no denying that life is tough right now. While we all try our best to adapt to the new normal of Covid-19 life, the psychological impacts of living during a pandemic include increased stress, depression, burnout and fatigue, according to a recent study

It’s essential to practice good mental hygiene even during good days—that means engaging in proactive behaviours and seeking treatment that can help you maintain good mental health. While this doesn’t mean you’ll stop having bad mental health days entirely, it does mean you’ll feel more well-rounded, supported and ready when they do eventually come. Whether that means having a good self-care routine, exercise regime, leaning on friends and family for support, or having scheduled therapy sessions to process difficult emotions, it’s important to remember you don’t have to do it alone. 

If you’re thinking about dipping your toes into therapy but not sure what that actually entails, check out the following mental health Instagram accounts led by mental health professionals and advocates. With a mission to promote and destigmatize therapy, these Instagram accounts cover and explain topics such as triggers, relationship trauma, and boundaries while providing tips on how to improve mental health, relationship dynamics through self-reflection and conscious learning. 

Note: While the following Instagram accounts are great resources to learn about mental health, they are not substitutes for professional therapy. If you’re currently in a mental health crisis, please contact Hong Kong’s Clinical Psychological Service of the Social Welfare Department at +852 2343 2255 for free professional help and advice. For emergency services, please visit the government’s Department of Health emergency hotline page.

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1. @lizlistens

Couples therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw’s Instagram account, @lizlistens will give you tips on how to have a better relationship with your significant other, while also improving your own relationship with yourself.

The account covers topics including relationship myths, argument pitfalls, shame, relationship bids, and tips on improving listening skills. If you’re looking to dive in deeper and learn how to improve your relationship further, Earnshaw also offers an in-depth educational platform with twelve different courses on love. 

Discover @lizlistens

2. @sitwithwhit

Licensed marriage and family therapist, Whitney Goodman of @sitwithwhit shares straightforward guides on how to communicate better. Whether you’re unsure about how to respond to a compliment, find it hard to disagree with someone, or want to learn how to apologise and show others you understand their feelings, you’ll be able to learn how to become a better communicator through Goodman’s Instagram.

Discover @sitwithwhit

3. @browngirltherapy

Created by Sahaj Kohli, a former Huffington Post editor who transitioned into the mental health field, Brown Girl Therapy is a mental health community that’s designed for children of immigrants. 

Promoting therapy, biculturalism and social justice, the account tackles hard topics that immigrant children may relate to including cultural gaps between parents and children, and how to navigate through cultural expectations. 

Discover @browngirltherapy

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4. @notesfromyourtherapist

Allyson Dinneen’s Instagram account, @notesfromyourtherapist, became so popular that the therapist and mental health counsellor published a book that’s based on the same concept.

Sharing hand-written personal insights about her own self-healing journey, the notes help normalise the struggles of being human while offering a compassionate perspective on tough moments. 

Discover @notesfromyourtherapist

5. @the.holistic.psychologist

Perhaps one of the most well-known therapy accounts on Instagram, @the.holistic.psychologist is founded by psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera. The account aims to teach readers how to heal and consciously create a new, happier life through understanding trauma, behaviours and relationship patterns.

From posts that’ll guide you through how to heal your nervous system, to a checklist to help you to understand how secure you are with yourself, and explanatory posts on topics such as emotional dumping, reparenting, mother wounds and self-betrayal, you’ll be meeting a new, conscious version of yourself in no time. 

Discover @the.holistic.psychologist

6. @nedratawwab

Helping people create healthier relationships, therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab shares clear and concise posts on boundaries, acceptance and change that’ll help people take a step towards nurturing a healthy relationship or put a stop to an unhealthy one.

If you find yourself struggling to set boundaries and often feel as though you’re neglecting yourself, read Tawwab’s book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace which explains the importance of implementing and upholding boundaries.

Discover @nedratawwab


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