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Here is our monthly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

People the world over – individuals, businesses, economies – are learning lessons in security, self-sufficiency, and internal resilience. With the eclipses happening in Taurus and Scorpio, we are figuring out how to protect ourselves and still be able to exchange with others in a healthy way. At this point in time, survival and stability are top of the agenda. Taking too many shortcuts and depending on too many people may be a bad idea. If these themes are clear just yet, a sense of perspective may arrive in six months, at the year’s second pair of eclipses in October and November.  

These two weeks following the May 1 solar eclipse in Taurus are a time for action. Deliberate moves to streamline finances and set material goals can be necessary. But this doesn’t mean all work and no play. There’s magic right now in slowing down time, just a little, and really feeling being in your physical body. Notice how food and drink and sensory experiences of all kinds have a way of both simplifying and elevating our lives. All other non-essentials can be stripped out.

By the time the Full Moon lunar eclipse takes place in Scorpio on May 16, we will be ready to resume the complex webs we weave. As the Earth’s shadow passes over the Moon, the true nature of our deep entanglements with others – through our time, money, sex, or dramas – can be revealed to us. Before then, focus on yourself. Mercury is heading into its second retrograde period of the year on May 10 for three-and-a-half weeks, making alone time all the more important.

Besides missed connections and failing electronics, the Mercury Retrograde can surface buried, unprocessed feelings. As usual, avoid packing schedules too tight and always build in extra resources to cover the unexpected. On May 21, a backwards-moving Mercury crosses paths with the Sun at the Taurus-Gemini cusp, and makes a lovely contact with Jupiter. At that time, something or someone brilliant expands our horizons and shows us how the improbable just might be possible.

Jupiter itself ingresses into Aries on May 11, joining Venus there, and to be joined by Mars on May 25. With Aries filling with planets, our authenticity and instinctual knowledge are strongly supported. Jupiter in this sign, in particular, allows us to see the positive benefits of being straightforward about what we want, and simply being ourselves. Good things can come from keeping it real.

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The Month by Sun Sign


You are the host(ess) with the most(est) in May as Venus, Jupiter, and finally Mars arrive in your sign. Your social charms are at a high and could make you a highly sought-after guest as well. Use the time to eat delicious food and indulge your sensuality. After the lunar eclipse on May 16, make sure your relationships have integrity and are respectful of boundaries. All month long your sense of self-esteem is enhanced, and the ability to give and receive love is immense. Be wary of exaggeration and taking big risks.


Energetically speaking, this is not a time for huge exertions or efforts. The first half of the month, especially, is for consolidating your resources and figuring out how to stand on firmer ground. Set some realistic goals and the Universe is primed to reward your efforts. The second half of the month may require some reflection about entwining your energy with others and how involved you need to be. Retrograde Mercury’s reentry back into your sign in the final week of May is a chance to dig deeper.


Try not to be demoralized when messages get crossed and misunderstandings happen after Mercury goes retrograde on May 10. Now is not the time for new friends or new plans. As comfortable and secure as you might feel you are, playing things defensively is the right approach in May. Make sure the proportion of assets to liabilities makes sense. While your personal energy may not pick up as the month progresses, supportive and productive vibes are building for you heading into June. A New Moon in your sign on May 30 brings wholeness and a reset.


Taking stock of what you need before jumping into involvement with others is second nature to you. Rely on your protective instincts and intuitive nature to bring deep feelings and values to light. Planets are offering a lot of luck and support from Pisces. As the month winds down, it might feel as though the wind has gone out of your sails. After the Full Moon lunar eclipse on May 16, re-engaging and trading energy with others can be done more deeply and with more integrity. It is the result of having clarity around what matters and what doesn’t.  


Your social life is buzzing, so the lessons of building self-sufficiency and healthy entanglements will not come to you without a struggle. Perhaps you are not yet aware of where you are neglecting your own boundaries and needs, or how interdependence makes you exposed and vulnerable. Put on soothing music and tune into yourself over the next couple of weeks so that revelations have a chance to come up. As the month winds down, multiple energies will start to feel more in alignment and luck will be on your side. The Gemini New Moon on May 30 is the start of a new adventure.


Evaluating your own values and needs is a helpful process to go through since it will most likely be of great benefit to the key relationships in your life. Giving in to people’s demands because we don’t know where we stand or where our boundaries are is ultimately unsustainable. There will be lots of helpful souls along the way as you progress. Look out for ego inflation, even though it can be a fun experience for you. The people around you might have something else to say about that. Humility and self-containment are needed heading into the Gemini New Moon on May 30.


Take advantage of the Mercury retrograde from May 10 onwards by paring back on non-essential commitments and making time to ponder life. Sure, the retrograde may not bring as many gaffes and logistical fails as other signs if you choose to pack your calendar, but there will be some opportunity cost in terms of seeing the past in a new light. As with Gemini, it may not feel intuitive when everything is going well to slow down, smell the roses, and check how much is in the bank. If these lessons pass you by, there will be another chance in six months. The Gemini New Moon on May 30 is a good reset button.


It is not your natural inclination to contemplate how you would survive on a deserted island but if you can heed the call to self-reliance for the moment, you will set yourself up to feel true self-worth at the Full Moon lunar eclipse in your sign on May 16. Only when we stand firm in ourselves can we entwine ourselves to the energy of others – via sex, money, drama, pain – in a healthy way. This is a good month to be productive. Luck is on your side at the start of May, while communications are more likely to get lost heading into June.


Good times and lots of laughs can be had this month with Venus and Jupiter lending their energy from fellow Fire sign Aries. Especially toward the end of the month, people you have little in common with can play perfect foils for hilarious interactions. If the collective need to shore up resources is far from being a personal priority right now, at least keep an eye on what is happening globally and try to prepare for the tough economic themes playing out. Avoid any passionate, gut-wrenching, and ultimately soul-sapping, entanglements like the plague.


Luck is on your side in the opening days of May, but productive winds are in your sails for the whole month. Friends can come out of the woodwork to lend a hand when you need it. The only fly in your ointment is the Mercury Retrograde beginning on May 10, which is more likely to affect information flows and interpretations for you. Build in extra time to triple check messages and anticipate that others might misunderstand you. Use the period, too, to evaluate your spending – of time, energy, money – and make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck


Income flows are looking up with Venus and Jupiter moving into a position of support. Be on the lookout for lucky introductions or opportunities as the month gets underway. Even the Mercury’s retrograde, in fellow Air sign Gemini, is likely to easier on you than for other signs. Use the time to digest events of the recent past and process any lingering feelings that need to be dealt with. Things may be going well on an individual level, but globally the situation may be calling for the making of contingency plans. As with Scorpio, it may be helpful to imagine yourself on a deserted island and make plans accordingly.


If you are sitting on any opportunities or ideas that have opened up in the past few months, the coming weeks are the final chance to act before supportive planets make a move. The Gemini New Moon on May 30 may signal the beginning of some restlessness and stress that you will need to deal with. Meanwhile, you are most likely already well ahead of the game in terms of strengthening your own self and cutting down on dependencies. If you know what is important and what is not, and how to maintain your boundaries, getting intimately involved with others can be a fruitful business.


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