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The partial solar eclipse on May 1 is the first of four happening this year. Our astrologer, De Rui, tells us what to expect and how to make the most of it

Our first taste of eclipse energy in 2022 arises out of the merging of the Sun and the Moon in the form of a Taurus New Moon. Intentions around values and sensuality can be powerfully set this weekend as the Moon, being closer to Earth, obscures a portion of the Sun’s light. 

Intentions around values and sensuality can be powerfully set this weekend as the Moon, being closer to Earth, obscures a portion of the Sun’s light. This disturbance to the normal rhythms of the cosmos provides a portal for life-changing messages and downloads to come through from higher planes, at least to those who are searching or ready to make a breakthrough.

Make space for silence

Be gentle with yourself at this time and create a space for silence. On Saturday evening or Sunday morning (Asia time), mark the eclipse out in nature if the weather allows for it, or else light some palo santo at home and sit in quiet contemplation.

The Taurus New Moon will be followed by a period of intense action, an openness to trial-and-error when it comes to our material requirements in life. Acting to create stability or to consolidate resources may feel more important. Sensual experiences (with food, music, art, people) and cherished possessions could take on heightened significance.

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Understanding yourself through a birth chart 

Working with your birth time and location information, in addition to the birth date, will show you just how the 12 astrological houses are laid out and therefore more specifically what is being activated by the travelling celestial bodies. Generally, Houses 1 through 6 have to do with one’s private life, whereas Houses 7 through 12 cover our interactions with others and how we fit into broader society. Once you have a chart based on accurate birth details, the houses must be considered along with the signs and planets.

The joining of the Sun and Moon happens at 12° Taurus, and where this falls in a person’s birth chart will shed light on the activity that is primed to manifest. It is possible to generate a chart online or with the help of a private astrologer as long as you have a birth time, location, and birth date.

Once the zodiac wheel is in hand, locate the Ascendant point at the 9 o’clock position on the left and the sign that it falls in. The Ascendant sign is also known as the rising sign. It is also the beginning of the 1st house.

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How to use your rising sign to make use of eclipse season

If you are an Aries rising, this New Moon solar eclipse will fall in the 1st or 2nd house. You might experiment with a new gym routine or exercise regimen. Or, you may feel pulled to be closer to the earth, to get your hands dirty in the garden or learn survival skills in the great outdoors. Set intentions to discover what you can make of yourself, using your wits and what you were born with.

If, as another example, you are a Cancer rising, then the New Moon solar eclipse will fall in your 10th or 11th house. Your work in the world should be the focus of any intention-setting this week. Perhaps it is time to solidify your reputation in a community. Simplifying your lifestyle to align with climate change concerns could be overdue. Make a decision to walk your talk. Ambitions are well-supported.

Libra or Scorpio risings could seek out more solid, reliable people. Sagittarius or Capricorn risings might consider investments extra carefully, or otherwise, rally around a whimsical idea. If you only know that you were born between the end of April and mid-May – aka that you are a Taurus Sun – you may be glad to know your vitality and ego are closely aligned with the collective mood during a New Moon.

Upcoming eclipses & What it'll bring

The other three eclipses of 2022 are the Full Moon lunar eclipse on May 16, a New Moon solar eclipse on October 25, and a Full Moon lunar eclipse on November 8. Besides being quiet times for incoming messages and for processing buried feelings, eclipses are also tied into the current major evolutionary themes in the world. The meeting points between the Sun’s orbital path and the Moon’s – known as the Moon’s Nodes – are located in Taurus and Scorpio until next summer.

Collectively, humanity is being called to develop the high-vibration traits of Taurus: practicality, dependability, steadfastness, with a healthy dose of self-reliance and a DIY attitude.

What to leave behind & what to manifest during eclipse season

In the meantime, the lower-vibration traits of Scorpio need to be set aside during this period: codependence, indebtedness, greed, and drama. Globally, the calls for societies to unravel longstanding economic inter-dependencies in favour of alliances based on values grow stronger by the day.

First, a pandemic and then war showed how vulnerable we leave ourselves if we over-depend on people, firms, or technology halfway around the world. At these eclipses and into next year, think about how to build up your own inner strength and resilience.


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