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Learn how to become more sustainable at home and in your beauty routine with these books and podcasts

Looking to become more sustainable? These books and podcasts by sustainability experts may be able to help. 

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Simply Living Well

Ready to implement changes to create a more sustainable household? Simply Living Well by Julia Watkins, the creator of popular Instagram page, is filled with thoughtful tips and recipes. There is advice on how to eliminate packaging, choose more sustainable household swaps and embark on at-home DIY projects to make essentials such as homemade nut milk, kitchen bowl covers, herbal balms and more.

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Sustainable Beauty

Set for release on November 16, Sustainable Beauty is by Justine Jenkins, a professional make-up artist with 23 years of experience under her belt. After making a switch to become more sustainable ten years ago, Jenkins has since become a cruelty-free cosmetics pioneer, using solely ethical and sustainable beauty products on her clients. “Becoming more sustainable is a universal issue, and the reason I wrote this book was to provide good, solid, practical advice and solutions for people who want to make more ethical beauty choices, but have no idea where to start,” Jenkins tells Tatler.

“It’s a guide that cuts through the confusion of the sustainable beauty world, so wherever the reader is, they can make informed choices as to what to spend their money on and put on their skin. It also offers 20 easy recipes for the reader to start making products, and provide their own sustainable beauty solutions.”

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Green Beauty Conversations

Each episode of the Green Beauty Conversations podcast will have you actively questioning the beauty industry. Whether it’s breaking down the meaning of common beauty keywords such as “biodegradable”, “safe beauty” and “natural skincare”, or digging deep into the rise of indie beauty brands worldwide, host Lorraine Dallmeier will keep you up to date about the latest happenings in the world of green beauty.

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Low Tox Life

Covering everything from sustainability, health and farming to fashion and mental wellness, Low Tox Life is a podcast hosted by Alexx Stuart, an Australian sustainability educator who founded the Low Tox Life website in 2010. Emphasising the brand’s “low tox” motto rather than focusing on “no tox”, she strives to inspire achievable changes in behaviour instead of advocating unrealistic sustainability goals that will be hard to maintain in the long run.

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Plant-Powered Beauty

Rooted in the belief that plant-based products can help you achieve glowing skin whether consumed orally or applied topically, Plant-Powered Beauty by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault will become your natural beauty manual; it offers recipes and helps decode confusing ingredient lists. With more than 50 at-home recipes, the latest edition of the book includes CBD recipes such as a pain-reducing salve, bath products, facial serums and more.

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