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From a luxury wellness staycation at Asaya for a full city detox, to a massage gun to soothe sore muscles, here are the best luxury health and wellness gifts for Christmas 2021

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the wellness enthusiast in your life? Whether you’re treating yourself (we won’t judge), your significant other, a friend, or your favourite workout instructor, here are the best wellness gifts of 2021. 

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1. Asaya One-Night Wellcation

For the special someone in your life, treat them to Rosewood Asaya’s Wellcation package. This isn’t your regular Rosewood staycation—guests will be booked into one of the two Asaya lodges that are accessed through separate lifts from the Rosewood hotel, making you feel as though you’re truly on a wellness retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

The lodge comes with one living room, a bed with a king bed, one full bathroom and two powder rooms, as well as a treatment room for massages and facials. Designed for individuals, couples, families and friends, the package includes two 60-minute curated experiences. 

The first is a guided wellness session where guests can choose from singing bowl therapy, mindfulness meditation, expressive arts therapy, functional insight training, active isolated stretching and sports therapy, while the second is a 60-minute wellness treatment such as massages and facials that can be enjoyed in the lodge’s treatment room. 

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2. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s CBD Sleep Therapy

For the stressed-out friend in your life who could do with a restful night of sleep, Mandarin Oriental’s CBD Sleep Therapy programme may help. This one hour and thirty-minute long massage focus on the pressure points of the body that promotes restful sleep and ease anxiety. Guests will be invited to take drops of pure CBD oil as well as a CBD-infused tea prior to the treatment to allow the body to truly relax. 

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3. Muse Meditation Headband

Need help meditating? Muse is a headband that tracks your brain signals—much like how a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat. Using seven sensors wrapped around your head, the headband and app give you real-time feedback to see how calm or focused you are. Pop it on during a meditation session and check the app afterwards to see how your brain, heart, breath and body flared through graphs and charts. 

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4. The New Moon Festive Gifts

Hong Kong’s luxury wellness and spirituality platform, The New Moon will be offering luxe festive gifting options for every budget. For the spiritual mama, gift them the Mama & Me set which includes Bodha’s calm oil and Inner Compass’s Kids Cards. The calm oil can be applied to pulse points to help transport you to a state of calm, while the Inner Compass Kids Cards are designed to encourage conversation and stimulate self-confidence in children. 

The New Moon also offers other gifting sets, each one catered for different individuals with different intentions in mind. 

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5. Activewear from Hong Kong brands

It never hurts to have an extra set of workout clothes. For the super active gym-goer, yogi, or Classpass-er in your life, consider getting them new workout gear so they’ll never have to sweat over unwashed laundry again. Try our favourite homegrown activewear brands such as Lane Eight for comfy all-purpose workout shoes, or Good Days, a sustainability-driven sportswear brand from Hong Kong. If you’re looking for cute yoga or gym sets, we also love Siva Active and Rising Lotus

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6. Hydragun

We love a good workout, but the sore muscles the day after? Not so much. Hydragun, one of the quietest massage guns on the market delivers deep tissue massages in the comfort of your own home. The goldilocks of all massage guns, this one is strong enough to tackle all the tight knots in your body, while staying ultra-quiet so you’ll be able to binge-watch your Netflix show as you’re doing your evening recovery. 

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7. The Five Minute Journal

The journal that sparked an entire gratitude movement, The Five Minute Journal, promises to increase happiness as long as you follow their daily practice of writing in the journal every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep. This journal will encourage you to make gratitude a habit for even the simplest things in your life.

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8. Dormu

Struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Instead of letting your stress and anxiety weigh you down, allow a weighted blanket to do so instead. Designed to provide gentle pressure across the body, you’ll feel as though you’re being hugged the entire night, which is said to help reduce anxiety and promote a night of restful, deep sleep. 

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9. Oura Ring Generation 3

The newest generation of Oura Ring features 24/7 heart rate monitoring, personalised health insights, sleep analysis and more. Health and fitness geeks who love data, this one’s for you. The built-in sensors measure your temperature along with your heart rate to accurately see your activity and recovery levels. The new ring also predicts your period cycle up to 30 days in advance so you won’t have to worry about it sneaking up on you. 

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10. Carex Light Therapy Lamp

Say goodbye to winter blues with Carex’s Light Therapy Lamp. Light therapy is an effective way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which usually occurs during fall or winter. It works on your biological clock by aligning your brain’s 24-hour cycle and balances the activation of serotonin in your brain for mood regulation. This one from Carex provides clinical-level light while blocking out 99% of UV. 

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