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Looking to calm your mind and body? Try these CBD treatments in Hong Kong to help you relax from head to toe

It’s no secret that Hong Kong loves CBD. This magical wellness ingredient has been appearing across town, from the opening of Found, the city’s first CBD cafe and boutique last year; to local breweries and cafes introducing their own cuppa and pints of CBD-infused drinks; not to mention Hong Kong’s first CBD spa that just opened over the summer—Everyone’s eager to incorporate CBD into their daily lives. 

Whether you’re looking to relieve muscle pain, improve sleep quality, regulate anxiety or simply welcome a calmer state of mind, consuming or topically applying CBD can help. More recently, Hong Kong’s beauty and wellness studios have been hopping on the trend as well, incorporating CBD into their wellness treatments. Not only will your knots and muscle pain be massaged away, but the added CBD will also bring an extra layer of calming energy, easing your city stress and everyday worries away. Here, we list out the best places to find CBD treatments and massages in Hong Kong for your next self-care day

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CBD Sleep Therapy at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s newest wellness treatment, CBD Sleep Therapy will help you sleep like a baby at night. Using CBD oils from Kiara, the 90-minute treatment begins with a CBD-infused welcome drink at the spa lobby to melt the city stress away. Afterwards, guests are led to the changing room to change into the hotel’s luxurious bathrobes before heading to one of the treatment rooms. 

There, the massage therapist will prepare another CBD drink for you to sip on as you choose your desired in-treatment essential oil. To further regulate the body’s nervous system before the massage, guests will be guided through a simple breathwork exercise before hopping on the massage bed for a luxurious CBD massage. During the massage, CBD oil will also be applied down the spine so you’ll be basking in the effects of CBD from in to out. 

Learn more about Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s CBD Sleep Therapy

CBD Massages at Bliss Spa

W Hong Kong’s Bliss Spa has recently launched a series of CBD spa treatments in partnership with OTO, a UK-based CBD brand. Offering three different CBD massages and one ultimate CBD restorative healing experience, try the signature bamboo massage on days after a heavy workout—the massage therapist will combine a handcrafted bamboo roller together with a citrus and berry blend of CBD oil to ease all muscle tension from the body.

Different CBD oil scents are used for the remaining two massages: a CBD oil containing ginger, black pepper and frankincense is used for the Destress and Focus Massage, while a jasmine and chamomile CBD oil are used for the Sleep and Balance Massage to help calm the body’s nervous system and encourage deep relaxation. 

If you’re in need of a two-hour pampering session, try the CBD restorative healing experience which includes a 90-minute CBD massage of your choice; a 30-minute soak, vital dome infratherapy, or pain relief session on their Muscle Up Fat Down machine. In addition to the two treatments, guests will also be treated to a CBD cocktail or tea, a CBD pillow mist, as well as access to W Hong Kong’s swimming pool and gym facilities. 

Learn more about Bliss Spa’s CBD massages

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CBD Gong Bath at Red Doors Studio

Wong Chuk Hang’s Red Doors Studio hosts Sleep Tight, a series of special CBD gong bath sessions on the last Friday of each month. Combining CBD oils, Chinese herbal remedies, essential oils, and weighted blankets from Dormu, a local bedding company—expect an evening of total relaxation under gong bath sounds. Cavan Wong, a certified sleep consultant, will also be available for the night to teach participants the tricks to adopting better sleeping habits. 

Learn more about Red Doors Studio’s Sleep Tight events

CBD Facial Acupuncture at Balance Health

Holistic health clinic, Balance Health won our hearts when we tried facial acupuncture earlier this year. Now, the clinic has introduced a CBD facial acupuncture package which includes a sound bath, CBD-infused herbal tea, CBD facial oil gua sha treatment, alongside facial acupuncture. Designed to provide health benefits such as improving sleep quality and building up the body’s immune system, it also provides visible beautifying benefits, reducing puffiness and improving blood circulation. 

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CBD Massages at Cannable

Hong Kong’s first CBD spa, Cannable opened over the summer, offering CBD massage treatments in the heart of Sheung Wan. Inside, the spa is decked with greenery, CBD facts and products for guests to check out while they’re lounging in the waiting area. Using local CBD brand, CannaMi’s massage oils for treatments, the spa has a variety of massage options available including a hemp aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, lymph drainage massage and more. 

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