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Proven to help relieve physical pain, regulate anxiety and reduce depression symptoms, consumable CBD products are more than just trendy gimmicks

Cannabidiol––better known as CBD––has been so popular in the past year that it barely needs an introduction. In the skincare world, CBD-infused skincare products have been known to help calm redness, irritation and skincare issues such as eczema and even reduce joint swelling when applied topically. 

However, if you’re looking to relieve more internal health and well-being issues such as anxiety, depression, or even help treat neurological disorders, incorporating consumable and edible CBD products in your daily routine could help. In one study, CBD was able to help relieve physical pain symptoms by thirty per cent after two weeks of CBD consumption, while another study proved that CBD can be used as a safe alternative to psychiatric medications for treating anxiety and insomnia. 

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Finding the right CBD dosage

The right CBD dosage for you depends on many factors: your body weight, the condition you hope to treat through CBD, and your individual body chemistry. The suggested starting dose for CBD consumption is around 20mg per day, with a suggested 5mg increase per week until you feel like your symptoms have been alleviated. If you’re worried about the side effects of taking too much CBD, it’s been found that humans can tolerate high doses of CBD of up to 1,500mg a day—so go wild.

Can’t wait to give edible CBD products a try? Here, we list 10 different CBD products you can try for daily calm:

1. Lify Smart Herbal Brewer and CBD Tea Starter Pack

Lify’s Smart Herbal Brewer is a Nespresso-style machine that simplifies the trouble of brewing traditional herbal remedies. Lify offers a variety of herbal blends in the form of sleek disc capsules that you can pop into the brewer to transform into a nice, warming cup of herbal drink. 

This CBD starter pack includes the signature Lify herbal brewer as well as two sets of CBD discs, one daytime formula for focus and energy, and one night time formula to help you wind down after a long day. The daytime blend includes ginseng, green tea, apple pomace, ginger, lemongrass, liquorice and 25mg of CBD, while the night time formula puts together apple pomace, white hibiscus blossoms, rosehip peel, liquorice root in addition to the 25mg of CBD as well. 

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2. Prima Rest Easy CBD Powder Blend

Struggling to get a good night's sleep? Prima’s Rest Easy CBD powder blend comes with twenty sticks of CBD powder blends that can be mixed with water or a beverage of your choice. Each stick comes with 15mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD, as well as a variety of wellness extracts from chamomile, passionflower, hops, valerian and l-theanine. You’ll be guaranteed to have the sweetest dreams tonight. 

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3. Felix Organic CBD Oil with Botanicals

Hong Kong CBD brand, Felix & Company offers a wide range of CBD products from edibles such as easy-to-consume capsules, to tinctures, and even CBD products for your pets. 

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated and can be added to drinks, food or can be even directly consumed by putting a few drops under the tongue for fast results. If you’re a CBD beginner, start slow with the 300mg CBD formula and slowly build up your tolerance if you feel like you need a bit more to feel the effects. 

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4. Strava CBD Coffee

Strava’s collection of CBD craft coffee is small-batch roasted in Denver, Colorado and infused with organic hemp extract. The maximum strength blend features 100% Arabica hand-roasted Colombian coffee, and 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD in the entire bag. One bag comes with 25 servings, with 20mg of CBD in each serving. 

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5. Paso CBD Gummies

Paso’s CBD gummies are sweet, fruity and made without traditional gelatin, making them vegan friendly. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and are made from natural fruit juices and natural sugars. For flavours, CBD store Grassyard offers three options: apple, raspberry and pineapple. You’d be tempted to snack on these gummies all day long. 

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6. Conspiracy Chocolate CBD

Previously featured in Tatler’s luxury chocolate guide, local bean-to-bar chocolate company, Conspiracy Chocolate sell a delicious CBD chocolate made with 75% cacao, CBD isolate and hemp seed hearts in collaboration with Hong Kong CBD company, Heavens Please. 

Each bar contains 100mg of CBD—break the bar into five pieces for an even 20mg of CBD per piece if you’re trying to ration your CBD for another time. 

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7. Mr. Moxey’s Calm CBD Mints

In 2021, even mints get an upgrade. Mr. Moxey’s vegan and gluten-free Calm CBD mints are formulated with hawthorn berries, known for their blood pressure stabilising properties; anxiety-fighting ashwagandha plant; and the powerful lemon verbena plant that’s used to treat digestive disorders as well as other common conditions. Each tin contains sixty mints and 300mg of CBD, meaning each mint comprises 5mg of CBD. 

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8. Wildflower CBD Capsules

Wildflower’s vegan CBD capsules are a fuss-free option that can be easily added to your vitamin routine. Each capsule contains hemp seed oil, CBD crystalline and 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract. Take 1 to 2 capsules daily with water just like you would with any vitamin and feel the anxiety melt away. 

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9. OTO CBD Bitters

This 100ml of non-alcoholic CBD bitters from OTO contains 2500mg of CBD that will help elevate tonics, juices and cocktails, giving each drink an extra boost of functionality and flavour.

Blending together CBD, liquorice, cacao and lemongrass, the bitters not only helps deliver a sense of calm from the CBD, but the additional ingredients also help heighten your drink’s flavour profiles. To use, add three large dashes to each drink to deliver 40 to 60mg of CBD. 

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10. CBD Beer

CBD-infused tipples and beer have been all the rage. In Hong Kong, there are two different brands of CBD beers to choose from if a regular brew from 7-11 doesn’t seem to cut it that day: Oh CBD Beer and Young Master. The former’s Kush IPA comes with 20mg of CBD in each bottle, while Young Master’s HEA CBD beer range comes with 60 to 120mg of CBD per can. 

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