Cover Meet Anna Cabannes (left), the founder of La Lune, Hong Kong's newest female-only wellness studio (Photo by Cammie Warburton)

Anna Cabannes, an investment banker-turned wellness enthusiast, shares her inspiration for La Lune, Hong Kong’s newest female-only wellness studio, opening September 12

Decorated by lush green plants and wall murals that celebrate the female body, La Lune will soon be your go-to sanctuary where you’ll learn, embrace and celebrate your femininity with other like-minded women. 

In an exclusive interview with Tatler, the investment banker-turned wellness practitioner talks about how her own wellness journey inspired her to open a space that’s solely for women, and share tips on how we can become more mindful about our health and well-being

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What does “La Lune” mean and why did you choose to name your studio La Lune? 

« La Lune » means The Moon in French. It refers to one of the highest symbols of femininity that regulates and influences women's lives. I wanted to bring a reference to my country of origin, France, and at the same time revealed our female women-focused approach.

Why is La Lune a women-only space? Are there incidents in your life that inspired you to open a women-only space? 

I wouldn’t say there was a specific incident that inspired me to open a women-only space, but more a succession of moments and big shifts that happened in my life as a woman. 

Entering adulthood with my first menstruation, living under hormonal contraception for over a decade, discovering more about my natural cycle and fertility...and a lot more are waiting for me. My own journey was what led me to open a space for women to explore each key transition and change they go through.

Can you tell us more about the big shift in your career? 

It took me a lot of courage to admit to myself and then publicly that my future was elsewhere after dreaming about a big and successful career in corporate for so long. But I just had to redefine the word ‘success’ and what it means to me personally. It gradually shifted from being money and promotion oriented to being attracted by fulfilling my goals differently and being more aligned with my feminine, creative, and intuitive self. 

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How else does La Lune stand out from the other studios in Hong Kong at the moment? 

We wanted to bring something unique to the city. We call ourselves a ‘wellness’ studio because we want to offer a wide variety of classes. There will be yoga classes but there will also be many different holistic practices. Along with these offerings, Studio La Lune will host special events and workshops that relate to women, femininity and will focus on creating a community of women that share the same challenges and successes. 

I expect people to be intimated but also intrigued by those new classes. One of our key strengths is our high-qualified and experienced instructors. We want to honour their teachings by giving them the freedom to be at the centre of the discussions regarding our class offering. We truly believe that by teaching what they love and what they profoundly want to share, the students will be well taken care of. 

What is the yoga for menstrual health class? 

We are really excited about this class! Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of our own woman cycle and don’t pay attention to the changes in our energy and hormones. With this class, women will explore their bodies and move differently depending on their natural cycle. Erika, our amazing teacher, is also bringing elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to her classes to enhance the benefit of the practice. 

What is your own wellness journey? 

I discovered yoga four years ago when I arrived in Hong Kong to work as an investment banker. At that time, this activity allowed me to work out but at the same time regain a certain control over my stress. I quickly realized it was much more than that and enrolled in a yoga teacher training course. Since then, my interest in wellness has only increased.  

The more I discovered about myself, the more I realized I no longer felt aligned with my investment banking career anymore. I wanted to feel more aligned with my new values and what genuinely makes me vibrate every day. 

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You mention on your site that one of your goals is to encourage women to bring more awareness to their own well-being—what does that mean and how can we do that?

Our current society is pushing us to always thrive and achieve without paying attention to our own characteristics and energies as women. We want to guide our students into this amazing journey towards a full understanding of their body, its functions, how it works and how they can work with it to reach their highest potential. 

By raising their awareness and applying specific self-care practices for women, we absolutely believe they will be able to achieve whatever dreams they have. 

Why do you think it’s important to stay mindful about our health? 

Your body is the most precious and valuable item you own. By taking care of it, you allow yourself to be fully present in your life and conscious about what exactly is available for you in this world. 

Do you have a daily wellness routine? 

I do have a wellness routine but it’s different every day. I am always matching my activities with the different phases of my menstrual cycle and my mood of the day, which are most of the time very correlated. If I am feeling creative, I can write, dance, or just mindfully move. If I am feeling energetic, I practice an intense type of yoga or go for a walk in nature. If I am feeling a bit low, I just practice some slower paced yoga or read a book. 

What’s your favourite self-care routine? 

I would say meditation, that’s the only constant in my daily routine. I started to have consistent daily practice a year ago and it’s what allowed me to realize and discover incredible things about myself and increase my curiosity for all the things around wellness.

La Lune will be opening on September 12, 2021. For more information, please visit

La Lune, 4/F Kai Kwong House, 13 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong, +852 9226 8464

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