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Anantara Spa manager Sheila Ong shares a fool-proof recipe for homemade body scrub to try at home

When did you last set aside some dedicated 'me time' since lockdown? (And no, scrubbing your kitchen sink while still in your PJs does not count as relaxation.)

Whether you decide to take a long luxurious bubble bath or allow yourself some space to simply do nothing after a difficult day, self-care is a great way to relieve those pent-up frustrations that come with lockdown fatigue. 

To help us get into the self-care zone, Anantara Desaru Coast Spa Manager Sheila Ong shares these tips for a proper pampering during lockdown.         

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Set the mood

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First, mood music. Set the tone for your self-care ritual by playing your favourite relaxing playlist in the background. Next, turn down the lights and bring out the scented candles. Ong recommends using aromatherapy candles for the full home spa experience.  

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Make your own sugar body scrub

If you didn't have time to stock up on body scrubs before lockdown, put your hands to work with this DIY sugar scrub recipe. This scrub uses brown sugar, an inexpensive ingredient that is gentler on sensitive skin than the more costly sea salt or Epsom salts. To prevent the sugar granules from making your skin feel sticky, rinse thoroughly after exfoliating.      


½ cup of brown sugar

½ cup of your choice of oil (coconut, jojoba, olive, almond, or grapeseed)

3-5 drops of essential oils in lavender, citrus or rose geranium scents


Mix the brown sugar and oil in a mixing bowl thoroughly. Add more sugar or oil if needed to get the consistency right. If desired, add four or five drops of your favourite essential oil and stir into mixture. Once you're happy with the consistency and fragrance of your scrub, spoon it into a container, and your super simple homemade sugar scrub is ready to go! Place any leftovers in your fridge. This mixture can be kept up to one month.

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Bring on the massage oils

If you're doing a spa day at home, go all out with some massage oil to complement your scrub in the tub. Ong's favourite is the Anantara Massage Signature Oil, which is made from vetiver, sandalwood, ginger, sunflower oil and rosemary oil to help improve sleep quality, warm the body, reduce anxiety and ease migraines. 

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