Cover We spoke with Asaya's wellness expert to predict 2022's wellness trends (Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images)

Dr Tal Friedman, Rosewood Asaya’s resident practitioner predicts the biggest wellness trends of 2022

With the wellness industry growing every year, it’s hard to know which trends we should be paying attention to and which ones are fads that aren’t worth our attention. That's why we brought in an expert to help.

I first met Dr Tal Friedman at Rosewood’s Asaya for a health consultation and was immediately struck by how knowledgeable he was with all things related to optimising one’s health, wellness and fitness.

As Asaya’s resident practitioner for all things related to physiology, Dr Friedman’s degree in kinesiology and health science, as well as his experience working as a wellness educator for Chiva Som in Thailand allows him to guide guests to live a healthier life through science as well as natural remedies.

Here, Dr Friedman predicts the biggest wellness trends of 2022—and thank goodness there’s no juice cleanses on here. 

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Technology and Our Relationship with It

The idea that we can digitally detox or really shut down our devices for a few days seems more like a fantasy with every passing year. Our relationships with technology are more enmeshed than they have ever been before. Much more than just screen time. I think that 2022 will be a year where we ask why we are so caught up in our phones, taking stock and evaluating the relationships we have with our phones/ tech.

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Upcycling Food

Food waste is a gigantic concern that has really only come to light in recent years. With the current spotlight (deservedly) on sustainability and climate, I think the time is ripe for upcycled foods to grow massively in popularity. "Ugly" produce being highlighted as the sustainable choice, cacao juice (made from cacao seed pods) and barley water (from leftover breweries) may be coming to a market near you.

Functional Foods

Functional foods. Not just CBD drinks and gummies, but other different drinks and foods that are naturally or artificially modified to have extra health benefits may be entering the wellness sphere. Think of all the different foods you've seen with added fibre over the last year or two. I would expect to start seeing more foods highlighting extra health benefits.

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Mental Health

The past 18 months or so have been tough for lots of us. If there was one good thing I can think of that came out of the past year, it's that mental health has become much easier to talk about and that asking for help these days is much less stigmatised than it has ever been, and I think that this will continue full steam into 2022. More services, businesses and communities will be focusing on mental health and making it easier to access support.

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Breathwork and breathing practises have been around for hundreds of years. As more and more studies are being done on breathwork it has become an increasingly popular wellness practice.

Some recent research has found that breathing practises can help manage symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, improve sleep and potentially even attention and cognition. I wouldn't be surprised to see breathwork classes increase in popularity at fitness studios, gyms, or even online sessions.

Mindful Design

After spending so much of our time inside, in the same spaces over the last year and a half I do think that we started to become really aware of just how powerful the role of our surroundings is on our sense of wellbeing. Everything from lighting, art, space, comfort and clutter are all vitally important parts of the spaces we occupy and it’s about time we give these things some proper attention in the new year.

Integration and personalisation

Fitness and health trackers have now been out on the market for quite a while. It’s great to have access to all that information but what can we do with all of it? I think that this coming year the focus will be on using that information we have effectively. Imagine you could have someone tailor your workout today because you slept poorly the night before, or that you could go a bit harder because your stress levels are low.


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