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If you're looking to bring your fitness routine to the next level, we're listing the best fitness trackers on the market that can help you achieve your goals

Staying fit during a pandemic is challenging—aside from all the extra health precautions you have to take to be safe, staying motivated amidst gym closures and ever-changing social distancing rules is tough. However, it’s times like these when exercise is more important than ever. Studies show that regular exercise improves the immune capacity of the body, while lowering the probability of infection. This means that a regular workout routine may help prevent you from contracting Covid-19 due to a stronger immune system. 

To help you stay motivated and get on track to reach your 2021 health goals, fitness trackers could help. In one study, it found that consistent use of fitness trackers can help increase daily steps, while another study found that participants who wore a digital tracker exercised 38 minutes more a week compared to those who were simply wearing a pedometer.

Whether you’re looking for a fitness tracker that will record the number of your steps taken daily, or if you want to measure the number of calories you burn through during a workout, we list out the best fitness trackers on the market for 2021. 

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Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s newest Watch Series 6 comes with new upgrades such as the Blood Oxygen app, which helps to measure the oxygen level of your blood that will help you understand more about your overall wellness; and the ECG app that records your heartbeat and rhythm to check for any irregularities that may lead to heart-related complications. 

For exercise tracking, the Apple Watch can record 16 different workout options including walking, dancing, core training and even wheelchair exercise, while at night, the watch tracks your sleep trends and helps you establish a regular bedtime routine. In December 2020, Apple has also launched Fitness+, a new subscription-based fitness service where users can follow a variety of workouts led by trainers. Integrated with Apple Watch for these workouts, heart rate metrics, countdown timers and Activity rings will be automatically spotlighted on your watch screen as you follow the workouts. 

As a smartwatch, Apple users will love to convenience the watch provides—from accepting calls, reading and responding to texts and emails, to digital payment methods, the Apple Watch is the leading fitness tracker and smartwatch in 2021. 

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Oura Ring

The Oura Ring has been featured on Tatler again and again for good reason. This sensor-packed ring tracks your heart rate, activity level, sleep, respiratory rate and body temperature to measure body fluctuations. In 2020, the company even partnered with NBA, shipping over 2,000 rings to measure the health of athletes and employees and to track for potential Covid infections.  

To learn more about how the ring works in detail, Danica, Tatler’s International Editor at Large even wrote an article detailing how the Oura Ring made her realise how refined white carbohydrates affect her body, giving her the push to make behavioural changes she’s been struggling with all her life. 

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Garmin Lily

This chic and petite smartwatch from Garmin is a change from the brand’s usual sporty image. With a simple flick of the wrist, the Lily smartwatch’s classy pattern screen turns into a bright, touchscreen display where you can see text messages, calls, calendar reminders, and more.

Tracking everything from your steps, sleep, stress and energy levels, Garmin shows you your body’s energy levels throughout the day and sends you alerts when your heart rate turns irregularly high or low. The watch also goes above and beyond with its blood oxygen sensor and mindful breathing exercises.

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Fitbit Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 tracker is Fitbit’s newest tracker that comes with a free one year Fitbit premium trial to allow you to maximise your tracker. The premium access unlocks cool features such as personalised insights, guided programmes, workouts, and advanced sleep tools, while the tracker also has a series of other functions including 24/7 heart rate display; distance tracking for runs, hikes and bike rides; guided breathing sessions; all-day activity log, workout intensity map and more.

The watch is also water-resistant to up to 50m, meaning you can wear it to the beach, shower and pools. 

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Polar Vantage M2

Polar’s newest upgrade on their popular Vantage series brings us the Vantage M2 multisport GPS watch. Helping you become the best athlete possible, the watch provides training insights and tracking for over 130 sports, hydration reminders, sleep and recovery tracking, as well as personalised workouts through Polar’s FitSpark training guide.

It also offers handy music controls and displays phone notifications so that you can stay up to date with the latest happenings even during a workout session. 

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OnePlus Watch

OnePlus’s first smartwatch is dropping next month, and tech reviewers have been jumping all over it, eager to get a sneak peek of the long-awaited watch. The watch is set to offer over 110 workout modes, blood oxygen monitoring, built-in GPS, and is IP68 water and dust resistance. Featuring a stainless steel case and two side buttons, the watch will be available in two colours, silver and black. If you have an OnePlus TV, the watch can also be used as a smart remote where it’ll automatically turn off the TV when it senses that you’ve fallen asleep. 

Preorders begin April 14

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