Cover Photo: Gucci

The new wellness tracker retails at US$950—but has almost the same features as the non-designer offering

Got almost US$1,000 to drop on a fancy wellness gadget?

Oura Health, the Finnish tech company behind a smart wellness tracker ring that has found fans in celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry and Jennifer Aniston, has teamed up with Gucci to introduce an ultra-luxe version of the product. 

The Gucci x Oura Ring, which costs US$950, features a black band with gold braided borders, as well as the brand’s signature double G logo, which also appears on the device’s charger. 

The ring is chiefly used to track sleep and physical activity, with sensors that monitor heart rate and breathing rate temperature. 

Combining the data, the ring offers personalised insights. New features, such as period predictions and workout heart rate measurements, were introduced by the company in recent months. 

Users of the Gucci version of the ring get a lifetime membership to an Oura platform offering certain data that is normally paywalled: non-Gucci Oura users pay a US$6 monthly subscription fee to access this information.

Aside from the themed design and lifetime membership access, the Gucci edition of the ring offers the same features as the US$299 Oura Ring Generation 3, which comes in four different metal finishes. 

Is this luxury wellness ring worth it? For US$950, it’s a small price to pay for a Gucci product. But if you’re looking at it solely as a wellness gadget, it doesn’t offer anything that the Generation 3 ring doesn’t already.

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