Cover Japanese Sense of Beauty brooches in white gold set with either a natural Melo pearl and diamonds, or a black South Sea cultured pearl, aquamarines, sapphires and diamonds; Japanese Sense of Beauty earrings in white gold set with white South Sea cultured pearls and diamonds (Photo: Affa Chan)

Historic houses unveil new high jewellery, and genderless designs come to the fore––here's the latest news from the world of jewellery

Boghossian has added a new theme, named Coral Reef, to its iconic Kissing collection, which puts an emphasis on the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Inspired by the oceans that line the Silk Road trade route, this new theme is modelled after colourful coral reefs that teem with life. Diamonds and sapphires are inlaid into slabs of opal and Paraiba tourmaline for the brand’s standout necklace, made using slices of white gold. 

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Piaget has long been fascinated by the play of light across different landscapes and, for its latest high jewellery line, the maison continues its exploration with Extraordinary Lights, a 42-piece collection that focuses on the beauty of the night sky. A stunning 16.84-carat, no-oil Colombian emerald acts as the focal point of the Magical Aurora necklace. Elsewhere, a scattering of gemstones in varying shades of pink, purple, blue and green are set into carefully carved rock crystal.

Across the Sea

Starry Skies

It’s been a year since Chaumet renovated its 12 Place Vendôme flagship hôtel particulier and, to celebrate, the maison has unveiled a spectacular high jewellery collection that pays tribute to its historic address. The twisting architecture of the Vendôme Column is evident in this collection’s decadent design, which features gorgeous gemstones including blood-red rubies.


House Style

Everybody Dance

Worn by Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh, Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron, to name just a few, Valérie Messika’s sparkling chandelier drop earrings and custom chokers have become red carpet must-haves. For her eponymous brand’s latest collection, Magnetic Attraction, the Parisian jeweller revels in the power of movement and dance. Tatler particularly loves the oversized Pear Lover hoop earrings, which are mounted with yellow and white pear-shaped diamonds that weigh a total of 41.32 carats 

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Passion For Paraiba

Known for flamboyant flourishes and its daring use of colour, Bulgari often pays tribute to Rome, and the Barocko high jewellery collection is no exception. Thanks to creative director Lucia Silvestri, an eclectic cast of tanzanites, rubellites, emeralds and aquamarines brings these magnificent creations to life, but it’s the use of Paraiba tourmalines that really sets these sparklers apart. Discovered as late as 1980 in the state of Paraiba in Brazil’s northeast corner, these exquisite stones add pomp and grandeur with their syrupy green-blue colour that looks good enough to eat.

Small Pleasures

Defined by astonishing shapes, Lily Gabriella produces fine jewellery made with precious stones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, which gives each piece a powerful character. Designed to outlast trends, these contemporary treasures are perfect for the everyday.

Stormy Seas

The official partner of Cannes Film Festival since 1998, Chopard has unveiled the latest annual additions to its ongoing Red Carpet collection of gem-set watches and high jewellery. This year, 74 paradise-themed masterpieces have been released that draw inspiration from the bountiful Garden of Eden as well as the lush cinematic landscape of Pandora in James Cameron’s Avatar. 

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Made in Japan

Mikimoto’s newest high jewellery line, The Japanese Sense of Beauty, pays homage to the jeweller’s native Japan. Typically voluptuous in form and unapologetic in its liberal use of mouthwatering pearls, this collection is Mikimoto at its very best. These jewels are designed to stop you in your tracks, and thanks to the line’s standout centre stones and diamond-dusted structures, they do exactly that.

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