Cover Photo: Courtesy of Boghossian

The high-end jewellery house celebrated the one year anniversary of its Prince's Building boutique with an intimate gathering filled with champagne, diamonds and good conversation

Boghossian’s spacious boutique in Prince’s Building felt more like a studio apartment earlier this month as all of Hong Kong, it seemed, gathered to celebrate the space's one year anniversary.

For six generations, the Swiss house has been blending cultures and drawing inspiration from art with jewellery inspirited by both the East and West.

It is always striving for ‘firsts’ in innovation, as demonstrated in its decision to create the iconic 'Kissing' setting technique, where two contrasting stones are assembled together using very little metal, giving the illusion of one floating over another.

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It comes as little surprise, then, that a maison as deeply entrenched in history and heritage as Boghossian would celebrate its anniversaries in style. The Prince’s Building boutique marks a new era in Asia for the jeweller, and over the last 12 months it has attracted the attention of Hong Kong’s most discerning jewellery clientele.

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The glittering soirée–complete with plush purple interiors—was a glamorous affair where jewellery was handed around nearly as frequently as glasses of champagne.

The new Merveilles Icicle Limited Edition collection of floating jewels, which takes inspiration from Boghossian’s 2017 line, took pride of place for the evening. To create the pieces, clutches of gemstones are carefully curated on a near-invisible setting, which allows for complex spiral designs and the maximum amount of light to shine through each creation. The result? Maximum sparkle.

Inspired by the icicle, these earrings and pendants come in complementing coloured jewels including blue and pink sapphires and brown, orange and yellow garnet varieties.

Each creation was carefully brought out to be handled by influential collectors, although at one point in the evening there was a nearly impenetrable line in front of the glass cases.

Our overall impression? A suitably sparkling party that will undoubtedly be discussed for months to come.

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