Master jeweller Boghossian’s Kissing collection continues to innovate with unique pieces and combinations of precious and semi-precious gemstones

Kissing is an evocative word, conjuring images of romantic weekends in Paris and Venice, youthful summer romances by the beach and the happiness of a wedding anniversary. But while Boghossian is inspired by the delight that comes from a good kiss, its Kissing collection is actually based on an innovative technique that has changed the way it sets stones.

The Geneva-based Maison has broken ground by creating a collection where two gems “embrace” one another to create the perfect light. Set above each another, the stones subtly touch and merge, magically revealing each other’s hues and beauty—much like the way a good couple brings out the best in the partners, perhaps.

Every piece from the collection is set in a minimal yet delicate design, giving more freedom to the gems and resulting in bold yet harmonious combinations of shapes and colours that dazzle on the wrist, neck, fingers or earlobes.

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This is partly because each jewel—just like each kiss—tells a unique story of its own. And in the Kissing collection, Boghossian tells the tale of two gems and their relationship with each other. Their purity, their simplicity, their glow, their refinement and, in particular, their beauty are highlighted more than ever when brought into relief by close contact with another gem.

In a particularly savvy move, the creators of the new line have become adept at pairing the particularly dazzling gems with the more unusual but equally beautiful ones. So diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are placed next to kunzites, beryls, rubellites, and tanzanites. The result is all the more magical: it is hard to forget the beauty of a ring or pair of earrings when the unparalleled sparkle of a diamond meets the extraordinary colours of a tanzanite, or when a diamond is set over a deep-purple kunzite.

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Boghossian recently launched the latest pieces from its Kissing collection in London’s illustrious Mayfair—the centre of British heritage and design, and a part of the world where heritage meets contemporary creativity. It will also soon be on display closer to home, at the maison's Hong Kong-based boutique in Prince's Building, Central, from July.

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