Cover JeweLuxe: The American Dream

The second chapter of JeweLuxe sees a thematic shift and, with it, a host of curated activities

The fifth edition of JeweLuxe is already well underway with its first chapter, Rise of a New Asia, concluding earlier this week. Next for the jewellery and watch festival is a thematic shift to The American Dream, which focuses on American jewellery labels from January 5 to February 15.

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Brands that will be showcased include Kimberly MacDonald, Faraone Mannella, and Paolo Costagli. Apart from these classics, labels that are new to Asia such as Daria de Koning and Tagili are also being featured, and look set to offer a fresh injection of novelty and variety for jewellery lovers who are looking for something different.

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But there’s more to The American Dream than just the brands and their stunning creations: JeweLuxe will also feature a series of curated events at its Scotts Square pop-up gallery. Held in collaboration with various lifestyle brands, these activities promise to offer fresh perspectives on jewellery appreciation—and the opportunity for deeper looks at the pieces themselves, of course. They are:

Unearthing The Art of Nature (January 5-7)
A showcase of Earth’s “natural art”, whether via jewellery creations from Kimberly McDonald and Daria de Koning, or the luxurious marble of MM Galleri.

Celebrating Women In Business (January 19-21)
A series of networking events for female entrepreneurs, with the attendees mirrored by the works of the female American designers on show.

Launch of JeweLuxe and Ying The Label Sustainable Collection (Jan 26-February 1)
Local fashion brand Ying The Label will launch its Colours of the Wind collection, which has been designed with inspiration from the sustainable jewellery pieces curated at JeweLuxe.

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