Cover Moussaieff high jewellery bangle in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds (Photo: Moussaieff)

The high jewellery bangle is set with almost 100-carats worth of Colombian emeralds

Tatler has acquired the very first images of an astounding high jewellery creation from Moussaieff, one of the world’s finest luxury houses.

Founded almost two centuries ago, the London-based maison is known for handcrafting standout pieces using exceptionally rare jewels that would amaze even the most experienced gem connoisseur.

A beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary design, the house’s latest voluminous bangle is mounted with 97.96-carats worth of Colombian emeralds.

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In an interview with Tatler in 2020, Moussaieff's CEO David Warren recalled scouring Colombia's Muzo mines for emeralds, which hold special significance for him personally.

During his visit to the mine, Warren was invited to dig for an emerald he would later gift his wife. "When we arrived at the mine, it dawned on me how claustrophobic I actually am,” he said of the experience. “Wet tunnels, which were so small I had to crouch, dropped down into complete blackness. It was incredibly hot—close to 40C—and because of the high altitude of the Andes we were working with 40 per cent less oxygen.

“After a shaft was blown up with dynamite, I was handed a jack hammer, which I used to hew for emeralds. It only took me 15 minutes before I unearthed a perfectly formed emerald crystal. Nobody could believe it. One of the miners told me that you can dig for up to a year and not find anything.”

When asked about the inspiration behind this latest jewel, Moussaieff said: “It is rooted in the personality of the Maharaja of Baroda because the three centre emeralds in this bangle are, most likely, from his personal collection. We simply couldn’t resist purchasing these emeralds and crafting them into our own signature statement jewel.” Bravo, Moussaieff!


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