In part two of our guide to 2021's grandest high jewellery collections, prepare to be whisked away to fantastical worlds with these one-of-a-kind creations

The best of high jewellery pushes the boundaries of our imaginations, offering a respite from the mundane by transporting us to fantastical worlds filled with the rarest of gems. In this definitive two-part guide by Tatler, we explore the most breathtaking collections the world of high jewellery has to offer, as well as the inspirations behind these masterpieces.

1. Graff Tribal

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Above Graff demonstrates its mastery of design with the Tribal high jewellery collection, which features this diamond choker from the Graff Gateway range

Deep in the desert, a girl danced around a night fire. Taking some glowing embers, she threw them high into the air, where they magically transformed into stars, illuminating the pitch-black night, like diamonds in the sky. These words, taken from an ancient folk tale entitled The Girl Who Created The Stars, set the scene for the drama of Graff’s Tribal high jewellery collection. The story, told via these jewels, is divided into three chapters—Graff Gateway, New Dawn and Night Moon— each a scintillating exploration of the subtle connection between mankind and the earth. The poetic tale does a brilliant job of bringing to life the magical quality of these jewels, even though they obviously do not require further assistance in dazzling our senses.

2. Harry Winston Ultimate Emerald Signature

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Above Harry Winston presents a good example of how high watchmaking does not have to be all about complications; beautiful gems matter too
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Above Each elaborately bejewelled watch can also be worn as an eye-catching pendant or brooch

High jewellery watch lovers will find all their fantasies realised at the American jeweller. The Ultimate Emerald Signature line sees four new breathtaking additions this year in new colours—two versions featuring sapphires, and another two with tourmalines. These dazzling watches feature “emerald-cut” cases that come completely paved in spectacular combinations of jewels. Each bears a gem-set cover that swivels up to reveal even more stunning jewels underneath in the form of dazzling full-pavé dials. The elaborately bejewelled watches boast versatility, too, and can be worn as an eye-catching pendant or brooch.

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3. Louis Vuitton Bravery

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Above It took Louis Vuitton over 1,300 hours’ work to create the Le Mythe set that comprises a necklace, matching bracelets, rings and pendant earrings

Another luxury maison that’s marking a major milestone with a high jewellery collection this year is Louis Vuitton. In celebration of its bicentenary, Bravery, a collection of 90 masterpieces featuring the codes and motifs of the house, has been unveiled. Each holds a special significance alluding to key moments in the founder’s life and the house’s 200-year history, and features an array of recognisable motifs including the Damier checkerboard pattern, Monogram flower, the V-shaped arrow, and a form inspired by the Tumbler lock, a staple of the luxury brand’s trunk suitcases. Together, they form a modern yet elegant collection, with Louis Vuitton’s artistic director for jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof, lending a twist with her unique stylistic sensibilities.

4. Pomellato La Gioia

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Above La Gioia di Pomellato Gourmette Assoluta necklace in yellow gold set with diamonds and tanzanite cabochons

La Gioia is Pomellato’s second high jewellery release, and was designed to inject a breath of fresh air into the luxury jewellery’s upper echelons. The unmistakably bold and contemporary twist that’s unique to the Milanese jeweller is evident in the collection, while other elements that are iconic to the brand feature prominently in every single piece too. Take the Absolute Chains pieces, for example, which pay tribute to one of Pomellato’s most recognisable motifs, the “gourmette” chain. It takes centre stage alongside sprinklings of stones from diamonds to spinels, as well as generously-sized cabochons of blue-purple tanzanite.

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5. Tiffany & Co Blue Book

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Above Colours play an important role in the 2021 Tiffany & Co Blue Book collection, as seen in the various vividly coloured gemstones chosen for the collection
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Above The Blue Book collection heads into the great outdoors for inspiration, recreating the colours produced by Mother Nature with the luscious hues of enchanting jewels

This year’s Blue Book collection heads into the great outdoors for inspiration, recreating the colours produced by Mother Nature with the luscious hues of enchanting jewels. The palette draws its colours from a range of vibrant gemstones including green tourmalines, rare Colombian emeralds, sapphires in various shades, tsavorites, aquamarines, and pink spinels. Together, these gems give form to a collection of delightful, bejewelled creations. Tiffany & Co has also introduced a number of Jean Schlumberger’s designs into the high jewellery collection, which are sure to be a hit with his fans. It’s a match made in heaven, given how Schlumberger has been so adept at drawing references from the wonders of nature in most of the work he has produced for the American jeweller.

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