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The YouTube star makes another vintage Cartier jewellery moment on the red carpet

The Venice Film Festival is back, and once again the world’s finest actors and actresses have descended upon the Italian seaside city for a glamorous affair, complete with extravagant gowns, sharp tuxedos and sparkling jewels.

Attending the premiere of White Noise, Emma Chamberlain made her Venice Film Festival debut looking just as grand as the other celebrities on the red carpet. The YouTube star was dressed in an elegant red ruched gown from Valentino and sparkled in an array of Cartier jewels.

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It might sound like your standard red carpet regalia, but Chamberlain’s choices were all vintage. Her gown? Designed by Valentino Garavani himself for his eponymous fashion brand’s fall/winter 2007 collection. And Chamberlain’s Cartier accessories are even older than her: her ear clips, necklace and bracelet were all from the luxury jeweller’s 1997 Cartier Collection.

The gold jewellery pieces are all distinguished by an intertwined ‘C’ emblem—now a hallmark of the Double C de Cartier bag range, but which also originally appeared across the maison’s jewellery creations from as far back at the 1980s. On Chamberlain’s statement choker, the Double C motif is adorned with round diamonds and repeated across the front, before connecting to a series of gold links.

As Chamberlain demonstrates, Cartier’s 25-year-old jewellery pieces have not aged one bit. And this isn’t the first time that the vlogger has turned heads with her jewellery. At the Met Gala this year, the style star was seen in a Cartier diamond choker that’s believed to be the Patiala Necklace that once belonged to the Indian Maharaja, Sir Bhupinder Singh.

That’s the perk of being a Cartier ambassador like Chamberlain: having access to some of the rarest jewellery pieces in history. With her latest Venice Film Festival appearance, the Internet sensation joins other young celebrities who have opted for vintage on the red carpet, such as Zendaya and Bella Hadid. While the latter actresses often flaunt archival gowns, Chamberlain uses jewellery to show us that old really is gold.

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