Cover Emma Chamberlain (Photo: Met Gala 2021)

The YouTube star is blinging it out on the red carpet with her blindingly breathtaking Met Gala look

It would be hard to miss Emma Chamberlain at the Met Gala with her dazzling gold-studded, Bond-esque dress that was custom made for her by Louis Vuitton. Working together with designer Nicolas Ghesquière—the French fashion house’s women’s artistic director—the gown was a custom-made, sparkling asymmetric dress with a frontal cut-out that was fashioned out of silk organza, sequins, and rhinestones. It might have been her Met Gala debut, but the YouTube star managed to steal the show with her showstopping gown embellished with gold jewellery and heels, and her ’60s Twiggy-esque makeup style was just the cherry on top.

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Speaking to PopSugar about how the dress was conceived, she relished in the harmonious creative process, and explained how she contributed her ideas to the design process and placed her faith in the genius of Ghesquière.

“I’ve been working with Louis Vuitton for a while now and it’s been so effortless. At first, we were bouncing basic ideas back and forth, which was very collaborative. Then Nicolas Ghesquière came back to me with a custom look idea. He actually sent two over and after a lot of thinking, I chose my favourite. I’m really open-minded and I put a lot of trust into the designer and stylists because this is their art and, in a sense, a canvas for them,” said Chamberlain.

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Taking inspiration from glamour icons of the ’60s, the entirely embroidered dress has two diamond-shaped panels that meet in the middle and come together to create a deep “V” décolleté, and golden chain straps decorate an otherwise fairly nude back. The dress top is then attached to a similarly studded mini skirt that ends in an asymmetric, square train, creating a mesmerising effect of timeless poise and elegance.

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The making of the dress was no easy feat: it took a total of 20,952 microbeads, 9000 rhinestones, 2500 sequins, 2368 rococo style beads and 1984 Swarovski crystals to put together, and a whopping number of 290 hours was factored in to embroider the dress by hand.

The YouTuber’s inspiration and ideas for her red carpet look harks back to her first impressions of the Met Gala when she was starstruck by Lady Gaga’s iconic and theatrical outfits. “The first time I ever found out about the Met Gala was when Lady Gaga stripped off pieces of her outfit. When I heard about that, I was still kind of new to the fashion world and I didn’t know why everyone was taking it so seriously. Then I started doing research and I was like, ‘Oh, this is why this is so serious.’” Chamberlain said.

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On her 2021 Met Gala  Louis Vuitton dress, Chamberlain appreciated how the gown evoked certain feelings and emotions in her, and how the sleekness of the gown combined style and substance, but with an emphasis on glamour and comfort.

“What I really love about the dress is the daintiness. I felt like it would fit my body in a way that was comfortable, but it also just gave me a certain feeling. When I look at a piece of clothing, I focus less on a specific feature or element and more on the subconscious feeling it gives me,” she said.

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