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Are you ready to take your fitness journey to a whole new level? These game-changing fitness gadgets will help you achieve your fitness goals while improving your health and well-being. 

1. Fitbit Luxe

If motivation is something you struggle with, Fitbit's latest fitness tracking device is the ultimate workout buddy because it gives you an encouraging buzz when you've hit your target heart rate zones during your peak performance—cheering you on to finish strong.

It provides a post-workout report that show you essential health metrics, such as oxygen saturation and heart rate. When connected to the phone's GPS, it also provides a Workout Intensity Map that measures real-time pace and distance. From there, they offer deeper insights and personalised guidance on how to maximise your performance. 

The Fitbit Luxe also works as a wellness tracker to help manage stress, sleep and menstrual symptoms. And if you don't want fitness to interfere with your fashion, you will appreciate the Luxe model's sleek, bracelet design, which won't clash with your elegant outfits and have you looking like an overgrown Spy Kid. 


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2. Theragun Pro Deep Muscle Treatment Gun

A massage gun can make a huge difference to your body. It loosens up stiff shoulders from sitting at your desk all day, gets some blood flowing through your muscles before a warm-up, and relieves post-workout soreness for quicker recovery.

That's why you should invest in Therabody's best-selling massage gun, which offers commercial-grade percussive therapy. Featuring six different head attachments and an adjustable arm for better reach, each app-guided, preset routine promises an enjoyable full-body experience. And if you're always on the go, Therabody also offers a mini version as well as a vibrating roller that you can carry in your gym bag. 


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3. Smartech NURVV Run

If you want to get serious about running, NURVV is the way to go. This latest piece of fitness technology comes in the form of thin insoles that go underneath the sockliner of your running shoes. They contain a total of 32 sensors, which collect and upload data onto a mobile app. 

While wearing the NURVV Run technology, users can activate audio, visual and haptic coaching feedback to help improve your performance and form during the run itself. It will also continue tracking a wide range of running metrics—from standard measures of distance, pace and cadence to more detailed data, such as step length, balance and footstrike—to create a detailed, personalised report to unlock your full running potential. 


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4. Larq Water Bottle

Sometimes, a water bottle goes into the gym bag and that's where it stays for a couple of weeks—months, even—before you remember to wash it. We get it—after an exhausting workout at the gym, the last thing on your mind is to clean and wash your water bottle. However, that could lead to a build-up of dirt and bacteria that not only tastes gross but may be harmful to your health

Larq is offering a helpful solution with a self-cleaning water bottle. Made from ultralight stainless steel, it uses UV-C LED light to keep your drinking water safe and clean. A great investment, this handy water bottle also works great for everyday use outside the gym. 


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5. Tangram SmartRope Rookie Jump Rope

Ever wonder why jumping rope is part of every athlete and celebrities' workout routines? This is because it is an incredibly effective exercise that builds stamina and strength at the same time. 

Don't believe it? This smart jump rope will show you just how many calories you can burn doing this fun and easy workout. 


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