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Find the perfect yoga mat to suit your style and get you through this lockdown

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, an eco-warrior or label lover, there is something for you in this round-up of the best yoga mats. 

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For beginners

If you're taking up yoga for the first time during lockdown or just feeling a little lost without your yoga instructors' adjustments, these yoga mats are designed specifically to help. For example, you can find a comprehensive—and patented—alignment guidelines to help you transition from pose to pose on Liforme's game-changing yoga mat. 

Meanwhile, Lululemon's innovative Take Form features 3D texture to keep yogis centred without having to look down. It's great for tactile yogis and a godsend for beginners who struggle keeping up with the pace of online yoga videos (don't worry, we've all been there).

For lovers of labels

Are you a bougie yogi? Then these yoga mats from the world's most celebrated fashion labels are for you. Our top picks include the yoga mats from Saint Laurent in collaboration with luxury activewear brand, NO KA'OI, and Versace—both of which are printed in their respective house's iconic codes and motifs. We also love the functional designs from Prada and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh, which incorporate detachable shoulder straps. 

For experts

Seasoned yogis may be looking for something a little more fortified to keep them company as they shake through fiery vinyasa flows and attempt the hardest of yoga poses. These offerings from Lululemon and Aloyoga are no-nonsense, non-slip yoga mats that will keep you grounded throughout your workout, even when you're going airborne with your sirsasana headstand and kakasana crow pose.

And for those who suffer from sweaty palms and feet, we recommend the Liberty Active Dream yoga mat made from suede, which provides a more comfortable grip.

For early risers

You've probably heard over the years that the world's most successful people—from athletes to entrepreneurs—start their day early with a workout. It sure sounds like a great idea but incorporating it is definitely a challenge. So why don't you trick your brain into enjoying early morning yoga sessions with these aesthetically-pleasing yoga mats? 

From the peaceful designs from homegrown artist, Shan Shan Lim, to the colourful landscapes of Marrakesh from Sugar Mat, unrolling these mats will give you a hit of dopamine to get you through. 

For nature lovers

One of the biggest parts of being a yogi is connecting with the Earth and your surroundings. For those who want to experience a more earthy texture, we recommend Karyaful's biodegradable cotton yoga rug, handwoven using traditional paddle looming technique that depicts the beautiful colours of the sea. And as a bonus, it can also add a bright touch your living room

And if you want to know that your purchase is going towards a greener future, Manduka and Fable are two brands whose missions are to give back to the environment with their yoga mats made from natural tree rubber. The former creates products from sustainable fabrics, including plant-based fibres and fibres recycled from plastic bottles in the ocean, whilst the latter has collaborated with non-profit organisation, Tree-Nation to plant a tree for every mat they sell. 

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