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They're chic, comfortable, and on trend: here are local streetwear brands that you shouldn't miss this year

Stopped by any hip millennial or Gen Z hubs lately? You've probably noticed a couple of people wearing bright bucket hats, oversized shirts, printed tees, cargo pants, and sneakers.

Streetwear style, which is generally accepted to have been born out of the New York City hip hop scenes of the late 1990s, is probably the most versatile and comfortable outfit trend out there. Its immense popularity has seen even luxury houses adapt and add their own interpretation and flair to it. With Off White, A Bathing Ape, Vetements, Carhartt and the like making their presence felt globally, we take a look at local Philippine brands that you ought to know. 

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Whether you're a big fan of streetwear or just starting out, take a look at these homegrown labels:

1. Twelfth House

On your next visit to Cubao Expo, consider stepping into the minimalist store of Twelfth House, a homegrown brand that was heavily influenced by travel, music, and art. The clothing shop, which is located at GF Unit 3, Cubao Expo in Gen. Romulo Ave., Brgy. Socorro Quezon City, offers basic tees and polos, headwear, and tote bags that "adapt to any time and place." 

2. Nobody

Streetwear store Nobody, which can also be found in Cubao Expo, features comfortable and colourful tees, sweatpants, and polo shirts that fit all genders. All the items that this brand offers can be browsed through its website

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3. Skoop

If your closet needs a variety of streetwear items in muted colours, then checkout SKOOP. The brand, which is headed by founders Dominic Vincent Yu and Sharraine Murayama provides clothing for a "Kommunity" of people who believe in its vision of creating unique items that do not compromise quality. 

"Designs are inspired by the things we love (from travel to culture, to the important things), sourcing each ingredient from the cloth, the materials, the ink, and ultimately culminating into streetwear that not only resonates with people but it feels like quality that will last for years," the SKOOP team said. "It’s always been the Kommunity that’s been keeping us going throughout the years, even when times get tough. We’ve met so many of you and as a thank you to the Kommunity, we filmed a much-requested three-part documentary of Skoop with our founders Dominic and Sharraine."

4. Manila Meets Los Angeles (MN+LA)

If you're looking for quality hats and shirts made of heavy cotton, then you should definitely check out Manila Meets L.A. (MN + LA). The store also offers stylish twill zip trucker jackets that are warm enough under cold weather and cool enough on sunny days. Not to be missed are their custom bandanas and knitted scarves that you can get in light and dark tones. 

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5. Fortune W.W.D.

Trust Fortune W.W.D. when it comes to streetwear items that boast unique construction and silhouette. The brand seeks to consistently explore the principles of clothing when viewed from differing perspectives, mindsets, and discipline.

"Culture, whether it be from the past, present, or future generations is a cornerstone within Fortune’s design process," the brand explained. 

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6. Revere PH

You will love the multi-coloured graphic tees and hats from Revere PH; this store provides fashion that will have people around you turning for a second look; its best-selling statement hats (which give you a little reality check) and hoodies are worth a try!

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7. Proudrace

Founded by industrial designer Patrick Bondoc and stylist Rik Rasos, the homegrown streetwear store Proudrace started off as a brand that peddles deconstructed T-shirts. Today, it has all the means to make anybody stand out in a crowd while donning their velour turtlenecks and a variety of reconstructed denim jeans. 

In a 2018 interview, the founders shared their determination to make more Filipinos embrace their nationality. "Let's have more fun and embrace [the works of] young talents. Our colonial mentality should also change, we should love what we have by patronising locally-produced labels."

8. Carl Jan Cruz

Notable local fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz has everything your streetwear-inspired closet needs; from bespoke denim dresses, unique silhouettes, loungewear, and sturdy cotton bags, this talent will never let you down.

Through his namesake brand, Cruz has found a home with retailers around the world. First at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, the contemporary brand that continues to break New York's "glamour mold," 100 % Silk Shop in Toronto, and Esmeralda Serviced Department in Tokyo.

Tatler Trivia: Cruz designed Hidilyn Diaz' RYB Rib Ramil corseted ramil vest for Tatler Philippines' September 2021 anniversary issue. 

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9. Bagasáo

Who says streetwear outfits are not suitable for offices and formal events? With the help of homegrown brand Bagasáo, you can now wear comfortable street style garments in the guise of coats, rompers, and more.

10. Praco

There are days when you just don't have the time to pick and match your clothes. Good thing Filipino streetwear brand Praco has a variety of sweaters, jackets, and shorts that you can randomly pull out of your closet. Pick from muted hues of green, pink, and beige, this shop has everything you want. 

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11. Nicolo Perez

Do you want a basic tee, a collared shirt, or perhaps a stylish translucent two-pocket shirt? Designer Nicolo Perez has all of these and more! Established in 2018, Perez' nicolò brand aims to make clothes that make consumers feel confident; it creates unique pieces that are executed with clean and sharp construction. "nicolò gathers inspiration from just about everything. Each nicolò piece is thoughtfully designed and carefully made."


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