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Can you tell one's personality based on their sneakers? Browse below to see if we get yours right:

As they say, the shoes say a lot about a man. But there are details that somehow reveal more than the wearer's lifestyle. Tatler tries to guess personality traits based on the different sneaker designs, from Adidas to Giuseppe Zanotti.

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Organised and Occupied

Most probably, people who wear white sneakers prefer to be stylish yet simple. It's a good choice for people who might not want to think much about outfits every day but still look pleasing. Perhaps because they have more important things to tend to or they're often in a rush. Or maybe it's one way to ease into a minimalist lifestyle which they've been trying to do for years.

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The Adidas Ultraboost and Nike Flyknit line are loved by many people who live an active lifestyle. These are the same people who do not mind wearing Puma, one of the OG brands that have recently been catching up to the two leading brands. But while this is true, some also like low-maintenance sneakers and consider wearability more than anything. These sneakers are mostly coveted by people who are easygoing.


While some sneakerheads like to stay within their comfort zone, others are drawn outside of it. These are the types of people who are easily captivated by unique sneakers that have a very distinct design. These include the craziest pairs from Yeezy which appear alien-like and the Nike Auto Adapt which features auto-lacing.

Lover of All

There are sneakerheads out there who appreciate each and every type of shoe, even if it's an Air Jordan 1 Mid. They also have a soft heart for sneakers that aren't mainstream and unbothered by other sneakerheads' perceptions. For this person, there is no room for shoe discrimination. Trust that this person will wear even the most unloved model in your stockroom.

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Sneak and Stan

Some people aren't sneakerheads until they fall for a pair of shoes after seeing influencers or their favourite celebrities rocking a certain shoe model or brand. But their interest is usually centred on designs that are worn by famous stars including Selena Gomez who collaborated with Puma, Nadine Lustre who partnered with Skechers, and Travis Scott who teamed up with Air Jordan to name a few.

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Fad Fanatic

Designer brands selling shoes explore different styles every season, and there will always be that one person who likes to get ahead of the sneaker game. This is why they're drawn to the latest sneaker designs, from Balenciaga Toe to Giuseppe Zanotti Urchin. The trainers might have unique silhouettes and unusual forms, but Fad Fanatics don't mind as long as it's blessed by the fashion gods.

Chic Hunter

Regardless of the brand and hype, this person will wear whatever they find chic. They value their own personal preferences more than external influences. If their favourite colour is magenta, best believe that they'll wear sneakers of that colour with pride. These types of people are in tune with their own likes and do not care whether it's trending or not.

Cool Kid

Moreover, this person is most likely not a sneakerhead but might consider other shoes with similar silhouettes. Considering that many rockstars like to wear Chuck Taylors, it might be safe to say that wearers of this brand have exceptional music taste.

Young and Free

Vans is renowned for its skating shoes and apparel, but even non-skaters love wearing these kicks. It's comfortable to wear and easy to pair with anything; it evokes a sense of freedom, a quality that its wearer might admire most about these sneakers. There are also various print designs to choose from, encouraging freedom of self-expression. 

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