Cover South Korean actor Lee Jong-Suk attends the photocall for Alexander McQueen 2018 F/W collection event on October 16, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

The model turned actor is one of South Korea’s most sought-after stars thanks to his acting skills and sense of style

Lee Jong-suk is one of South Korea's most versatile actors—garnering praise for his roles as a student, a prosecutor, a swimmer, a journalist or even a comic character. The model turned actor is the youngest model to ever participate in Seoul Fashion Week when he debuted in 2005.

Trying his hand at acting, he first gained recognition for his supporting role in Secret Garden then appearing in High Kick 3. His breakout role came when he starred in School 2013, receiving his first acting award and he further cemented his leading man status in I Can Hear Your Voice which received critical acclaim and for which he won an Excellence Award for his performance. He has since starred in various projects alongside industry heavyweights in dramas such as W and While You Were Sleeping and movies such as Hot Young Bloods and V.I.P.—the latter, his first villain role.

Given his background as a model and his vast range of roles, Lee has also built his sense of style—suits, turtlenecks, long coats or boy next door looks—he’s got it all. As we wait for his comeback project, read through our article to look back at his most stylish looks.

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1. All the long coats

Lee’s tall stature and slender legs stand out more when he wears long coats. Here, he’s spotted wearing wear a beige long coat during a Burberry event as well as a two-toned long coat during the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand 15th anniversary. His style from both differs too—one is more formal, wearing a button-up shirt with leather shoes while in the other, he opts for a white T-shirt and sneakers.

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2. In turtleneck

Lee proves that he’s a master of style. On one hand, he pairs his turtleneck with a fitted blazer but he can also rock a padded leather jacket over his turtleneck.

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3. Casual fit

Besides his fitted style, Lee can also be seen wearing loose suits that go for a much comfortable feel. At the press conference for his last drama before his military enlistment, Lee wears a loose blue suit and pants.

In the other photo, post-military service, he not only sports his long hair but also the casual and cool look that he’s always had.

4. Suited up

By now, we can see that Lee loves suits—and looks great in them. Here, we once again see two styles: one with a suit and tie, the other without a tie. Whether it’s one or the other, one thing’s more sure, he can make them work.

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5. Fancy jackets

Lee sure loves his jackets. For a simpler look, he goes for a matching suit and pants at the Alexander McQueen event but the floral patterns on the suit are enough to catch your attention. His blazer at the Burberry flagship store opening event is bolder, using more patterns but with a darker palette that’s both eye-catching yet not too jarring.

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6. Casual but make it cool

Casual and cool? Lee can do that too. In these two looks, he ditches the blazers and opts for a bomber jacket and plaid shirt. One is a cooler look, the other, more casual and comfortable.

7. Boy next door

Lee makes walking your dog look so stylish. The pullover or shirt and jeans might not be much but it definitely gives us boy next door vibes.

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