Cover Kim shows off his charms in this plain black suit (Photo: @ament_official/Instagram)

Model-turned-actor Kim Woo-bin might have stepped away from our screens for a while but the good news is: this heartthrob is back and well. After going on a hiatus following his treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, Kim announced his healthy return and even made his own Instagram account, much to the joy of his fans.

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Kim Woo-bin is undeniably one of South Korea’s most beloved stars and even with his acting break, many are excited about the actor's return, no doubt, in part to his bad-boy vibe, impressive tall stature and charming smile that captured the hearts of many. The actor’s breakout year came in 2013 when he starred in two hit dramas, School 2013 of the popular School series and well-known K-drama writer, Kim Eun-sook’s mega-hit show, The Heirs, the same writer as The King: Eternal Monarch. Kim garnered a mass following and surged in popularity thanks to his role as Choi Young-do in the latter drama which contributed to the ongoing “second lead syndrome” phenomenon.

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Kim’s steady rise resulted in major projects in movies such as The Con Artists, Twenty and Master as well as scoring his first lead role in Uncontrollably Fond opposite Suzy Bae. While that would be Kim’s last project before his treatment, he certainly showcased his acting prowess, playing superstar actor Shin Joon-yeong with such charisma.

As a former model since his high school days, even gracing the runway during Seoul Fashion Week, Kim’s fashion definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. The actor is a stunner in suits but can also rock the look just by wearing plain T-shirts. He also looks effortlessly cool in comfortable outfits and his bad-boy charms are irresistible when he cops a leather jacket.

As we anticipate Kim’s comeback projects—movies Alien with Space Sweeper’s Kim Tae-ri and Wiretap, which has postponed following Kim’s treatment—let’s take a trip down memory lane and admire his most fashionable looks through our gallery.

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