Cover We break down Seo Ji-hye's most stylish looks (Photo: Netflix)

The South Korean actress has been slowly building her status as the next big star in the Korean entertainment scene—backed by her incredible sense of style

Seo Ji-hye has a stunning portfolio of roles under her belt. But somehow, she’s still overshadowed by many of her co-stars as she’s yet to headline her own K-drama—something that's been a long-time coming.

Despite that, Seo has made a name of herself and has always been a scene-stealer in most of the works that she's starred in whether it’s as Seo Dan in Crash Landing On You or as Sharon in Black Knight.

The actress is definitely building on her status as the next big star, backed by an incredible fashion sense which first got people's attention when she played the supernatural being, moonlight as a designer in Black Knight. She continued this streak in Crash Landing On You.

Curious to know where else she sported eye-catching outfits? We break down some of Seo Ji-hye’s most stylish looks.

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1. A rainbow of patterns

For her role as the tough yet funny Seo Dan in the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You, she plays a North Korean department store heiress and aspiring cellist so it’s only right that her fashion style matches her affluent lifestyle. Her character is seen wearing a variety of patterned outfits, whether it's a blazer or a collared shirt.

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2. Ethereal in white

Given Seo’s stunning tall stature, she can rock any outfit of any colour. We can’t help but admire how elegant she looks in white, whether it's the dress she wore at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards or the long coat in Crash Landing On You.

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3. Laces are forever

A short lace dress or a long lace dress? Seo wears both. In the Downy launch event, she wore a long-sleeved black dress that stops mid-thigh. On the press conference for Black Knight, she wore a long sultry red mid-elbow dress—a definite eye-catching piece.

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4. Chic in black

If Seo can rock white, she can definitely rock black too. She wore a simple black dress for the Michael Kors Young Korea Party in Seoul with matching black pumps and clutch.

5. Rocking leather

There’s no doubt that we’ve always seen Seo wear dresses that are elegant and chic but for a change, she wears leather too. Black leather jacket? Seo says no thanks and opts for a brown one instead.

In the press conference for Crash Landing On You, she also wore a strikingly long red leather dress with matching leather high-heeled boots.

6. High fashion pieces

For her most notable roles, Seo has always played a wealthy character so we're used to seeing her draped in luxury clothing. For her role as Sharon or Choi Seo-rin in Black Knight, a supernatural being who’s also working as a designer, Seo transforms herself into a number of notable looks: from femme fatale to high-class heiress.

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7. Gender-defying outfits

Similarly, in Black Knight, Seo also wore a number of gender-defying outfits. Since she played a supernatural being that has lived for a long time, she wore a number of clothes reminiscent of the outfits in the old era—both for women and men. A suit, tie and fedora? She owned that.

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