Cover Here are the most fashionable outfits from model-turned-actress Lee Sung-kyung (Photo: @heybiblee/Instagram)

The model-turned-actress is often referred to as the "Gigi Hadid of South Korea" but she proves that she’s a fashion icon of her own right

While she’s dubbed by many as the "Gigi Hadid of South Korea", Lee Sung-kyung is a woman of her own name. The model-turned-actress started off with supporting roles but her rise to fame came in the youth sports drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo which was inspired by the real-life story of Olympic weightlifting legend, Jang Mi-ran.

More than her model status—a stunner thanks to her tall stature—the ulzzang (a Korean term meaning best face or good-looking) head turner showcased her acting skills for her first leading role and quickly rose on the list of actresses to watch out for, supported by the huge cult following of the drama.

The multi-talented actress also plays the piano, drums, and can sing and dance on top of modelling and acting. But throughout her colourful career, she also made a name of herself as one of the most fashionable celebrities in the Korean entertainment scene, thanks to her humble beginnings as a model.

Here, we look back at some of Lee Sung-kyung’s most stylish looks where she proved that she’s a fashion icon in her own right.

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1. Pretty in plaid

Lee has worn plenty of plaid outfits, each different from the other. Her tweed jacket and matching bottoms are certainly eye-catching. The other piece boasts an embroidered pattern on the shoulders while the rectangular neckline for the last piece shows off her collarbones.

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2. All in white

Just like her plaid outfits, Lee’s all-in-white pieces are different from each other, which shows that she really knows how to rock whatever she’s wearing. In the first piece, she’s wearing an oversized white jacket and fanny pack which contrasts with her black high heels—both cool but also chic.

Then in her second ensemble, she wears a white long-sleeved shirt and long skirt, looking elegant. Her bright orange Valentino bag is very visible against the plain coloured outfit. The black boots add another level of chicness to an otherwise elegant fit.

Finally, in her last look, she wears a white long-sleeve shirt with high-waisted shorts and pairing it off with white heels. Who knew that wearing shorts can look so formal?

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3. Power dressing but make it cool

Lee definitely knows how to power dress but she adds a twist to it by making it look cool, instead of overly formal. She does this by wearing a cropped top or shorts.

In her outfit during the Gucci spring summer 2020 collection show, she also wears a vest and tie and completes it with flashy green heels. On another outfit, she wears oversized blazers with pointed high heels for extra savviness.

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4. Mix it up

Lee proves she’s a style icon with her ability to mix and match outfits that don’t usually go together yet she always pulls it off. Here, we can see her wearing a patterned long skirt with a denim jacket. It doesn’t sound like a good combination yet she looks cool wearing it.

While attending a Fendi event, she sports an all-red fit. But a cropped bomber jacket with black pumps? Somehow she rocked the outfit because she’s Lee Sung-kyung.

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5. All the flowers

Lee looks great in floral patterns and she’s spotted wearing plenty of them, whether it’s dresses, tops or a mix of both. The most impressive thing is she can look cute, cool or elegant in all of them.

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6. Girl next door

Sure, Lee looks great in her overly fashionable outfits but it’s also envy-inducing how she can pull off a casual, girl next door look. She makes a plain T-shirt and bottoms look cool. But she isn’t afraid to wear colours too or an adorable-looking hat or sleek heels.

Black leather jacket? Lee says no thanks. Her bright colour pink leather jacket makes her look like a rock star.

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7. Chic yet casual

As effortless as can Lee looks with her fashionable fits, she also knows how to turn casual-looking outfits into eye-catching ones. When we think of casual, normally we think of comfortable—something we probably wear at home or when we just need to make a quick run to the supermarket.

For Lee, casual also means chic as seen in her collared-white shirt paired with denim and white loafers. Or by simply draping a blazer over your shoulders under a white tank, you can look both comfortable and formal.

She earns extra points by rocking grey knee-length boots and completing the look with a long T-shirt. It looks both casual and sexy.

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