Is Crash Landing On You a matchmaking show or what? Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ji Hye, the hit K-drama’s beloved second lead couple, are rumoured to have been dating for a year.

Crash Landing On You is the gift that keeps giving. A year after it crash-landed into our hearts and created a new legion of K-drama fans around the world, the massive hit starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin continues to make waves.

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The big reveal earlier this year revealed that the show’s much-shipped lead couple were actually dating in real life, and more recently, that the show is going to be turned into a musical, the latest is that Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ji Hye, the show’s beloved second lead couple, who played South Korean fugitive Gu Seung-jun/Alberto Gu and North Korean heiress Seo Dan respectively, have been dating for a year.

Korean media company Dispatch, which specialises in spot-on celebrity couple reveals, just confirmed that Kim and Seo’s sizzling chemistry in Crash Landing On You spilled over into real life, and the good-lookers have been seeing each other secretly for a year. The actors’ reps quickly denied the rumours, but that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating and wishing the news is true. 

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After Crash Landing On You, Kim, 31, appeared in a cute cameo in 36-year-old Seo’s 2020 drama, Dinner Mate. Surely that helped to solidify their real-life relationship? 

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Dispatch has even published pictures of the couple meeting at their respective homes. Since Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s agencies denied their relationship for ages until the actors finally admitted to being a couple, there is every hope that Alberto Gu and Seo Dan are dating in real life. Stay tuned.

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