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Hong Kong boy band Mirror is making waves with more than just their music and immaculate dance routines. As Mirror dropped their long-awaited single, "Innerspace" on April 25, we're taking a look back at the group's best fashion moments over the years—as seen in their music videos, concert performances as well as appearances at major events

Even if you’re not a major Canto-pop fan, you’ve probably heard of Mirror—the sensational Hong Kong boy band plenty of times. Comprised of 12 members (Frankie Chan, Alton Wong, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, Anson Kong, Jer Lau, Ian Chan, Anson Lo, Jeremy Lee, Edan Lui, Keung To and Tiger Yau), the group has achieved huge success and stardom since its debut in 2018, winning hearts across the city with their infectious chart-topping songs, good looks and magnetic personalities.

Great music and outstanding vocal and dancing abilities aside, the boys have also bagged a slew of luxury brand ambassadorships for some of the fashion world’s biggest designers, making them style forces to be reckoned with—as a group and individually. Ahead, we’re listing some of Mirror’s best fashion moments to date—from rocking their cool music video outfits to nailing their coordinating ensembles at award shows and concerts. 

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Music Video: "Innerspace"

Mirror is making waves again with a new release and fans can't get enough of it. Titled Innerspace, the song is a blend of catchy beats, power raps and excellent vocals that will make you groove. 

Marking the band's very first track of 2022, the song is accompanied by a meticulously filmed music video that's brimming with cool visuals and stylish outfits. Aside from all-white suit looks, the boys also have rocked an assortment of coordinating black leather outfits, captivating us with their masculine charm. 

Music Video: “Boss”

Mirror’s music video for Boss was filmed inside the Hong Kong Disneyland. The members wowed fans with not only a captivating song, glamorous setting and smooth dance moves, but also a ton of fashionable outfit changes.

In addition to a gorgeous display of coordinated tuxedos complete with Bulgari accessories, the members also sported a great variety of stylish looks, proving themselves the ultimate style chameleon.

Jer and Edan wore matching blazers from Hong Kong-based fashion label Rickyy Wong Studio, which features dramatic red and black prints to suit their playful personalities; while Frankie, Alton, Tiger and Stanley were dressed in white tops plus jeans and trousers in khaki hues for a chic street style look.

Music Video: “Warrior”

Mirror's Warrior music video features outfits revolving around a simple colour palette: black and white, but the group took the classic combo to another level, donning a range of outfits tailored to their personal style and physiques.

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Music Video: “Ignited”

In the music video of Ignited, the group rocked some of their best suit ensembles to date. The members were clad in blazers featuring irregular colour combinations and silver detailing—some highlights include Anson Lo and Frankie’s white suits with stylish brooches and chains; Lokman and Alton’s all-black blazers with subtle gold lining; and Edan’s jacket with denim fabrics.  

Mirror Concert 2021 Opening

Mirror hosted their second concert at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre in May 2021 and made a powerful entrance with live performances of chart-topping tracks, ASAP and Warrior. Catchy melodies and enigmatic dance moves aside, it’s their brilliant looks that captured their fans’ hearts during the opening act.

Hong Kong-based fashion label Kit Wan Studios is the mastermind behind those cool warrior-like ensembles worn by the group. Inspired by the brand’s signature sci-fi, mechanical aesthetics, the black and white outfits are specially designed with extravagant jackets and wide-leg trousers to showcase the boys’ masculine charisma. Dazzling!

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Mirror Concert 2021: Sub-unit Performance (Frankie, Anson Kong, Lokman, Alton and Tiger)

It’s also worth mentioning the special performance by members Frankie, Anson Kong, Lokman, Alton and Tiger, where the sub-unit showed off their impressive physiques in a Michael Jackson-inspired outfit. All clad in white button shirts, black trousers—and of course—the signature white socks and black shoes, the boys dominated the stage in style and impressed the fans with charming looks. This was undoubtedly one of the buzziest fashion moments of the night. 

Mirror Concert 2021: "Ignited" Performance

We love Mirror's classic suit looks, but these matching ensembles the boys wore during their Ignited performance at the concert were on another level. We're especially into Edan's pinstripe suit, Anson Kong's outfit that features stripes and sparkles, as well as Frankie's white blazer that makes for a strong stage presence when he was leading the dance at the centre.

Mirror Concert 2021: Encore Stage 

The group kept things casual but stylish while performing during their encore stage. We love how the boys paired black T-shirts with Levi’s jeans and sneakers for a simple take on stage wear. 

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ViuTV’s Chill Club Performance 2020:“Ignited”

For Mirror’s performance at ViuTV’s Chill Club Music Show, where the group celebrated their success of winning the No.1 spot on the chart with Ignited, the members stood out in matching looks complete with casual ackets, slim-fit black trousers, as well as with classic Converse high-top shoes. 

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Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2020

Mirror took home the Best Group Newcomer Award (Bronze) at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation and delivered an energetic performance of Ignited. It wasn’t just their vocals or charming stage presence that stole the spotlight, but also their winter outfits. Keung To stunned in a grey long coat, Frankie and Lokman wore killer black fits, while Stanely and Jeremy rocked belted coats with chain details. 

Hit Awards 2020 

At the annual Hit Awards hosted by Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited in 2020, Mirror turned heads in these matching monochrome and red outfits as they clinched the award for Best Group of the Year.

Whether it’s Edan’s eye-catching red jacket, Tiger’s red and black checked shirt, or Anson Kong and Jer’s cool black and white ensembles, we think this is one of the group’s most cohesive and memorable style moments. 

This article was originally published on August 21, 2021 and was updated on April 26, 2022.


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