Cover Dog wears Superman costume (Photo: Kerwin Elias/Unsplash)

Does your beloved furry friend have a costume yet?

It's not Halloween unless there are spooky stories, horror movies, and the much-awaited costume parties. For our pets, it is but a season when we all invade their privacy because we're all too scared to go to the bathroom alone.

But our furry pals can definitely have some fun too! Below are fun and creative costumes that cats and dogs can wear for the season of spooks. 

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Loaf Bread

If you have ever wondered who took that last slice of bread, you better start looking for your small feline buddy. 

The loaf bread costume is easy to wear and attach around the neck and body of your cat who couldn't care less about the Halloween season. 

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Hands up and let your pup arrest you with its cuteness!

This pup's mini police uniform comes with a mini hat and belt that mirror a real officer's uniform. Remember to fill your dog's food tray with many Halloween treats if you don't want him/her to come after you.

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King of The Jungle

Here is something that labrador owners must put in their shopping carts before Halloween—a big pile of lion-esque fur! Scare your neighbours and members of the house by pretending that a big, hungry, lion was let loose from a zoo nearby.

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Deadly Doll

"Is it just my imagination, or is that doll moving?"

Nobody crosses the line of an enraged pup with a knife in its paws! This costume comes with a red wig and the classic, frightening jumper suit of Chucky. 

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At Your Service!

In an alternate universe, cats and dogs are the ones that serve their owner's food. Just take a look at the mouth-watering cheeseburger this kitty prepared.

PS: At the end of the day, we really know who serves all the food and treats.


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