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A party for your pet? It's not out of the question! Here's how you can celebrate your furry friend's special day

Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones getting old—our pets are too! As some of our most beloved friends, pets have a special place in our hearts. And as we would with any of our loved ones, we celebrate their birthday. Here's how you can make your furry friend's birthday the best it can be this year: 

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Get them a cake

What's a birthday without a birthday cake? Celebrate another year in your pet's life with a delicious cake, one that's specially made for him/her. There are plenty of pet bakeshops around the Metro, many of which create cakes in the adorable likeness of your furry friend. Their recipes also include pet-safe ingredients that are all-natural! 

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Buy them a gift

After a cake, gifts for a birthday are a must. For your pet's special day, make sure to get them something they'll really enjoy; these include toys, blankets, soft beds. Try to steer clear from things that you as a pet owner may want for them (such as new shampoo, a new leash, new clothes, especially if they aren't fans of dressing up) and instead focus on what they may want for themselves!

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Do something they enjoy

If your furry friends like to run, take them to the park and play fetch. If they like to sleep in, give them a little extra cuddle time. If they like snacks, take them to a drive-thru Starbucks and get them a puppuccino. Remember that today is all about what they enjoy doing—that's really all they could hope for. 

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Throw them a party

If you're the type who likes to go all-out, then do so on your pet's birthday! Some pet parents like to decorate the place and have a little gathering. Ask fellow pet owners to bring their own furry friends: plus points if your pet already gets along with your friends' pets!

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Find a way to commemorate the day

You know how people love taking pictures of their pets? This is kind of the same situation: have a photoshoot for your pet to commemorate one more fantastic year with them. Not into taking pictures? Have an artist make a portrait of them! It'll be a nice addition to your living space, and will be a beautiful memory to look back on one day.