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Make Halloween extra spooky with these family-friendly activities you can do at home!

You can still have a fun Halloween while at home with the kids. Start planning how you can spend the celebration with these family-friendly activities that are so safe and unique, the whole family is going to want to join in.

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1. Black Light Hunt

This game is best played in the dark with the kids and only a black flashlight in hand. Simply use a UV penlight to mark cut-out characters like ghosts on white paper. Challenge the family to find these paper ghosts around a wide area like the living room or your backyard. Whoever finds the marked ghosts get a treat!

2. Spook Neighbours

You can still have a fun Halloween with friends and neighbours with this activity. Simply fill a bucket with treats and include a sign or card that says, “You’ve been boo’d!” and instruct them to do the same to another house. Then leave the bucket of candies at the front door after ringing their bell.

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3. Movie Marathon

There are a few new scary movies that you can watch with the kids. Change things up a bit by decorating the TV room with Halloween-themed accents and décor and having the family to dress up as one of the characters in the movies you’ll be watching.

4. Pin the Spider on the Web

Keep the little ones active by setting up the game called “pin the spider on the web”. The players wearing a blindfold will be spun around before they try to pin the spider at the centre of a web hanging on the wall. You can easily find this game online or you can encourage your kids to craft your own. When they decide to make the items of the game, they may even choose to personalise their own spider to use.

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5. Spooky Face Masks

How fun would it be to have a Halloween-inspired face mask? You can let your kids design their masks to be as freaky, creepy, or magical as they wish. Be sure to provide them with the tools they’ll need like glue, coloured paper, glitter, fake blood, vampire teeth, googly eyes, and more. They can even opt to design their face shields which is even easier to experiment with.

6. Zoom Costume Party

Set up a virtual costume party on Zoom with the parents of your child’s friends. They can dress up and meet with the kids online to show off their costumes, eat dessert together, and even watch a family-friendly scary movie together.

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7. Haunted House

Let the kids join you turn the outside of your humble home into a haunted house for a day. Decorate with the web using cotton, horror characters, and more. Then set up a speaker by the door to play some hair-raising background music during the night and watch it come to life. But if you are up for the challenge, extend the Halloween decorations inside where you can turn the living room into the room of the undead!

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