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Take a tour of Coterie by Celest Thoi, an all-white collection of stylish shirts and dresses, with the famous Malaysian fashion designer herself

Coterie collection is an exciting departure from the exquisite wedding dresses and couture pieces that we have come to expect from Celest Thoi. It is a chic and contemporary line of white shirts for casual, everyday wear. However, it retains Thoi’s signature stamp of excellent craftsmanship and construction, from the luxe fabrics to intricate couture techniques.

This collection is a full-circle moment for Thoi. Before becoming one of the biggest names in the bridal couture scene in Malaysia, she designed and sold deconstructed white T-shirts from her car boot at the Camberwell flea markets in Melbourne as a student. “I was there every weekend for almost a year,” shares Thoi with fondness.

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Sitting down with Tatler, she shares the inspiration and creative process behind this collection.

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Celest Thoi
Above Celest Thoi

When and why did you decide to create Coterie by Celest Thoi?

Coterie has always been at the back of my mind but you know how weddings are—they’re crazy and super busy. I never had the time.

But with the pandemic lockdowns, there were no weddings or events so I decided to finally venture into it, with the hopes that it can help sustain the business through this difficult period as well.

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What was the inspiration behind this collection?

I wanted to create easy, comfortable and affordable pieces that I would wear myself. I also wanted to keep the DNA of my brand working with white fabric for wedding dresses, but I used it as an opportunity to play with shirting materials, such as cotton, that is more commonly found in menswear.

What draws you to the colour white?

It’s so pure and optimistic. I’ve always liked it for my own personal style. It’s a staple for me because you can never go wrong. Match it with any colour or with shorts, skirts or jeans, and it always looks stylish.

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Above Bliss shirt-dress with adjustable ribbon

Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

The shirt-dress! There’s adjustment ribbon on the back, so you can loosen it when you’ve had a big lunch. It’s very versatile.

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Do you have any tips on keeping white garments pristine and stain-free?

I would like to say I’m tidy and clean but this is my philosophy when it comes to white shirts: if worse comes to worst, you can always bleach it!

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