We break down some of the singer's best looks in celebration of her 25th birthday this weekend

Jennie Kim's personal style is one to emulate: Perfectly preppy with a streak of streetwear, she can even make a simple pair of jeans look fabulous. A Chanel girl through and through, this singer perfectly captures the brand's classic, luxurious and slightly edgy energy with her looks both on and off stage.

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Her baby-face helps with the carefree attitude she rocks when she's posing for pictures, but there's serious glint in her eye (especially when she's performing with her fellow Blackpink members) that ensures her looks are taken seriously. As she's about to turn 26, we delve into six of our favourite fashion moments from this K-pop idol.

1. Old School

There's a reason tweed hasn't gone out of style—this fabric may look outdated, but when fashioned into a modern suit with extra-short shorts, it looks fresh and youthful. This classic Chanel look has been styled to emulate preppy school vibes, and the headband and simple black pumps make us feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl would've totally worn this on the Upper East Side.

2. New Age Chanel

Jennie is the face of the Coco Neige ski collection, and she suits this sporty style. Having expressed that she loves being in the snow, she looks very much at home wrapped up in the oversized puffer jacket. The hot pink knit set features a fun "Chanel" print, and the fact that this French house is making sweatpants shows that they understand what the youth want to wear. Plus, we like to think Jennie wears these to dance rehearsal.

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3. Sleek Silk

All black always looks elegant, and this combination of a button-up shirt, miniskirt and lace up heels is both sultry and classy. The hint of print with the pinstriped skirt contrasts nicely with the silky top. We're also getting Cher vibes with Jennie's long, straight middle parted hair, and the pop of black eyeliner stops her muted make-up from looking flat. 

4. Trendy Tendrils

It's clear that Jennie influences trends. This photo was from last New Years, and these braided front pieces were a hit with all the cool girls in 2021 and is definitely going to carry over into 2022. Her cute shimmery eye make-up and raspberry lip complement her puff-sleeved sheer top, and the black ruffled bib keeps the look firmly in "Edwardian child" territory. A blur of teal gloves give the outfit a contrasting colour and playful edge.

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5. On Cloud 9

Jennie's slim frame makes cloud-like dresses like this white number look extra voluminous. This is hands-down out favourite look from her too—we love that the size of the dress is balanced with a super short hem, and the sheer black tights with enormous platform heels is giving Vivienne Westwood glam. Her Chanel pearl choker and intentionally messy up do complete the outfit, and she looks more "princess" rather than "precocious". 

6. Gender Neutral

Here's a girl who can pull off both feminine and masculine style. This grey sweatshirt and corduroy trouser combo is very skater chic, and the beige beanie with cream sunglasses is a nice Y2K touch. Even though she's having a chill day indoors, which is well deserved considering how busy she must be, this outfit is a good example of how to be comfortable and look good doing it. 


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