Cover (From L-R) Blackpink Lisa,Jisoo,Rosé, and Jennie in 'Ice Cream' music video

Which one of these bold beauty looks is your favourite?

Korean makeup trends always lean on simplicity: the combination of puffy eyes, soft lips, and glass skin. However, there are people who want to step out of the box, such as the girls of Blackpink.

Below are some of the girls' boldest and brightest makeup looks as seen from their music videos. 

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1. Jisoo's one-eye eyeshadow

In 2021, monochromatic makeup looks (when you keep the colour palette of your makeup the same for your lips, eyes, and cheeks) are on top of the trend. In the group's How You Like That music video, Jisoo played around with this style by putting on a magenta stain on her lips and left eye. 

2. Jisoo's under lashes

Jisoo has one makeup look that Blinks really love: her under lashes.

Matched with the dark pigments perfectly blended on her crease, Jisoo looks like a more serious version of herself. This look is very far from her typical 'innocent and angelic' getup. 

3. Jennie's star eyeshadow

Blackpink's hit single, Ice Cream, is one of their biggest collaborations to date. The girls teamed up with international pop superstar Selena Gomez who they first met in the Coach Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week 2019.

In the music video, Jennie can be seen with a subtle, bold look: the three stars and bright blue stripes on her eyes!

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4. Going ombre

In the same music video, Jennie is once again seen with a brighter and more delicate makeup look. This time, she sports an ombre, baby pink eyeshadow and lip stain. To top it all off, she's also wearing accessories that made the colours on her face pop: a pair of cherry earrings.

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5. Rosé's Glitter underliner

Most people are scared of using glitter as these sparkly yet tiny beauty staples can eventually spread on areas where we don't want them. Fortunately, Blackpink's Rosé pulls it off with little to no effort. The glitters, combined with thick eyeliner, truly made her eyes pop.

6. Monochromatic queen

Rosé has a fair share of monochromatic moments as well. In the Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du music video, she was seen with colour-coordinated red hair, choker, eyeshadows, and lip stain.

7. Lisa's bejeweled look

Lisa went with eyebrow-grazing bangs that fell perfectly on her forehead. This hairdo accentuated her bejewelled doll eyes. If you look closer, she is also wearing blue contact lenses that softened her whole look. 

8. Dramatic winged liner

Lisa definitely had her Ariana Grande moment in the Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du music video. Her dramatic winged liner and fun peach lip stain made her look like an empowered, young, sophisticated woman.

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